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Should Harley Make an ATV?

I have often wondered if Harley will even make an ATV?? I think that if they would that they would be a great selling item for them. Do you think that Harley should make an ATV? Why or why not?
No! I think that Harley should not even bother with trying to get into the ATV market. With more and more land being developed everyday, there are fewer and fewer places for people to ride them. I think that in another 10 year that no one in the Northeastern states will own one.
My initial reaction when this was talked about before was, sure why not? Now though I have to say that I agree with bikerchick and there is not really much of a demand for them in the area that I live in. Maybe this could be something that they could market out west or something?
I really don't have any use for an ATV where I am at now but I think that Harley would have a great market for one. I would like to see what they could come up with as far as design, since I feel that Harley's are some of the best designed bikes out there.
Ever hear the old phrase "Jack of all trades and nmaster of none."

I say they should stick to what they know best, making bikes and products for the lifestyle.

Leave the ATV's to Honda.
Leave it to Honda? Nope sorry I would much rather leave it to Yamaha. Sorry I couldn't let that one go! :D I have a Yamaha Raptor!
O.k. then, leave the ATV's to Yamaha. It doesn't really matter if its Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc. Harley does the motorcycle thing well and they should stick to it.

Don't worry, I got your humor. I just couldn't drop it ;)
I really do not care one way or the other. To me it would be of no use, not big on ATV's nor is any of my friends or family. There is plenty of room for them here, but the funeral homes are waiting in line for ATV riders.KWIM?
I think that if you take all the precautions that you are supposed to take on an ATV that they are as safe if not safer then riding a motorcycle. As for the question at hand I do think that Harley should stick with what they know and leave atv's to the big boys in the game.
could you imagine if they did and you had to buy your kid one?Reckon how much it would sink you for?Way more than I would be willing to shell out.