She cut across a MAJOR ride - I went down - have a question...

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    Ok, so today was the "Homes for Our Troops" ride in NH. I'm a local HOG chapter member, and volunteered to "work" the ride. My job - as usual - was to help line up the bikes as they arrived so they'd be in nice neat rows and could peel out in tandem.

    We had OVER 450 bikes on the road. We had a state trooper escort part of the way, and escorts from local towns most of the rest of the way. Local police and/or firefighters blocked intersections so we could ride thru. Lots of folks waved - others cheered.

    Nice ride for about 45 minutes.

    Then, in Goffstown, some [deleted] decided that waiting for the bikes to pass was too time-consuming -- and decided to just make her turn ACROSS THE ROAD AND THRU THE LINE OF BIKES!

    And she cut across in front of me.

    I hit the brakes and slowed down REAL fast, but it was either (a) hit the car and fly over the handlebars, or (b) turn and drop the bike and slide. I dropped the bike and hit the ground.

    While laying there, I shouted for someone to get the license plate before that [deleted] disappeared. I didn't know it, but two riders took off after the car and STOPPED AND HELD IT until a cop showed up.

    Meanwhile, I'm laying on the ground, but I *knew* that I did this maneuver right 'cuz I wasn't hurting (at least, no more than normal). Others were asking questions, and one rider - a paramedic - did his thing. Eventually, I was helped to my feet -- with NOTHING broken, and only a couple of road rashes (size of a quarter on my elbow, and about twice that on my knee). Nothing else was hurting...

    ... but I was madder than [deleted]. This [deleted] cut across a column of bikes - A COLUMN - and there had to be at least 100 bikes BEHIND me!

    My understanding is that the driver was sited for "failure to yield". I don't know yet - I don't have the police report and didn't speak to the officer.

    Now for the question. She *caused* this accident, and then took off. Would that be considered "leaving the scene"? If so, how do I convince the cops to make that charge against her (if they haven't done so already - I won't have a copy of the report until later this week)?

    Yes, I'm gonna demand that her insurance company fix the bike COMPLETELY (every little [deleted] scratch that she caused), and pay for the hospital visit (xrays of right leg and ankle - all negative - and a bit of Neosporin, gauze, and tape).

    Any other advice?

    (Worst part: my wife said that I'm "DONE". And this wasn't my fault!! I tried to tell her that "we wouldn't even be having this conversation if it wasn't for that [deleted]", but she didn't want to hear it...)
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    Sorry to hear of you going down, but glad you are ok. I say get the police report and go from there. Her ins. definitely has to pay for your damages and dr. visit. I'd agree with you if the cops didn't cite her for leaving the scene they should have..........unless it's possible that she did not know you went down........which I highly doubt.
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    First and foremost, good to hear personal injury was not more serious. The rest will work itself out. I wish you well.
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    Great to hear that you are OK, and that the bike is OK too. Sounds like the bits and pieces of old Humpty Dumpty WILL go back together again!!

    I would seek Civil remedies. Talk to your HOG Chapter and see if they have representation. If you were acting in an official capacity as a representative of the Chapter, they may help on the HOG nickel. If not, check around for attorneys that deal with civil cases like these. Hopefully you have a few of those 100 riders or so that will come to your aid and testify.

    Start real high - ridiculously so - seven zeros at least. Even if you are trying to squeeze blood from a stone - it is the point of the thing. Cagers walk away with hardly a scratch both literally and figuratively, and many bikers do not walk away at all. Luckily in your case you did! So try to do what you can to make a point and set an example. If it is interesting enough, the press will get involved.

    That all said, if the cager is the little old lady from Pasadena with a house full of invalid orphans that she is caring for on her SS check, use your better judgment. That scenario will backfire since the press will paint a picture of the big rich bikers out on their toys terrorizing the neighborhood and trying to run down little old ladies.

    All the best to you, glad that you will be OK. Hope you can get some justice.

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    Glad to here youre ok Burt.Hopefully the wife will realize this was just a fluke thing and not your fault at all.
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    Glad your OK Burt,keep an eye on the police and insurance people to make sure all the paperwork is done proper and you don't get the short end of the stick.Your wife will calm down,she just needs a bit of time,thats how the ones that care for you react.
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    get the report first --- read it and find out what they ticketed her on and also have you talked with the PD since ??? Should be a accident report filled out on you !!!! One thing to remember here --- it all matters on what your local/county/state vehicle laws are!!!!
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    I would suggest that you contact the ADA ( assistant District Attorney) for the jurisdiction of the accident and make your case to him for the additional charges. He has the authority to place such charges before the magistrate. Also, collect as many witnesses as you possibly can. The more the merrier. When dealing with the police department be polite and professional. You'll get farther. Do not give up. My accident took over 2 years to resolve so you're in for a long battle. Good luck.
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    I don't have the PD report yet, but I *do* have the CFS # (accident report number) and the BUSINESS CARD from the officer who took the report.

    Witnesses... I got PLENTY at this point...

    Contacting a lawyer in the AM to make sure everything goes the way it should.
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    I hope so. This was NOT my fault - I was doing everything absolutely correctly, and I'm alive because I dropped the bike *properly*.

    Heh: one of the witnesses was AMAZED at the maneuver. He's willing to talk to my wife and tell her that I'm a VERY GOOD rider, and tell her that the fact that I lived through that situation with only a minor case of "road rash" PROVES it.

    New pants cost $16. The bike can be fixed: it's just parts.

    Walking away from a bike accident with just a bit of road rash: *PRICELESS*.

    She'll have plenty of time. The fairing's all scraped up and it takes a good 6-8 weeks to get new painted parts from the factory. By then, the season will be over (up here, anyhow)...
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