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    Im not sure I follow this either. I dont see the rear being the cooler of the 2, when the only cool air the rear cyl. sees is along the backside of the head. The front of the rear cylinder is also taking heat off of the front cylinder in the V. This is not the case on the front, the fender may block a little but atleast its not taking the hot air in the face that the rear is getting. I guess the only true way to tell would be through thermal imaging. Also the 09' Touring bikes have EITMS (Engine Idle Temperature Management System) that kills the rear cylinder injector when you twist the throttle forward past idle, that would prevent detonation. I and im sure others have too, have had the rear cylinder start detonating and almost quit firing from getting hot in 100+ weather. I have also seen rear cylinders on FI bikes alot leaner than the front due to increased heat in the combustion chamber. If the injector pulse width was the same I am sure the rear would need more on time than the front. Until I seen thermal imaging proving that I would find it hard to beleive. As far as the temp sensor placement on FI bikes the temp sensor would control timing and fuel trim as temps go up or down. Bikes with dual sensors front & rear can retard timing, and increase fuel in attempt to keep the cylinder from leaning out and detonating as needed by the VE tables.

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