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Screaming Eagles


I just bought my bike, a 2007 Softail Deluxe, and had Screaming Eagles (slip ons) installed. To be honest I'm disappointed in the sound. There isn't any!
What, if anything, can be done?
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Try these Slip-Ons, you'll not be disappointed. " RUSH " slip-ons. Go under Google and type in : RUSH slip-on exhausts. It'll give ya a website to research them on.I've seen and heard a sey and they were very impressive for a set of " slip-ons". Take it easy, Hi- Tek Rednek
The new slip on's from HD fall short in the sound department. If you had a pair of the older SE II mufflers, then you would have a great sound. The rush mufflers offer different size baffles but if you go over 1 3/4 baffle you loose the required back pressure needed in the FI engines and loose torque.

Here's the home page for rush mufflers

I would be carefull about over doing the drilling on your present baffles. It's easy to drill them out too much and loose performance at the expense of more sound.
I had SE installed with my bike, and I have to say, they sound very good...(LOUD). Are there different types of SE? Maybe I have "offroad type"?
I got a brother who has a set of rush slipons,high flow air cleaner with the S.E.R.T. on his 2007 fxstc. I'm not sure what model on the mufflers, they're slash cut out, but they sound good, his bikes fast, and get about 45 mpg.