salvage posibillities?

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    So riding weather is dying down round here. Although I was able to get out today.:D I've been addidcted to a website recently called ridesafely,com. One can search any vehicle. I search Harley Davidson of course! They are all salvage sales, membership is free, the give picture, tell you if it starts and runs, tells u where the damage is, and its location. Some, if you are lucky, seen to only to have minor cosmetic damage or are recovered stolen bikes. I believe this is some way for the insurance companies to recover moneys fro a totaled out bike. There are some that are massively damaged, saw one today that was completely burned to a crisp. Then there are the "flood damaged" ones. My question to everyone is how bad could flood damage be? How much cost would be the worst case senerio?

    All of these bikes are at a fraction of the price of a private or retail seller, for obvious reasons. Just wanted to see if anyone ever salvaged a bike with "flood damage".

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    Remember also what salt water does as far as corrosion in the wiring harnesses and connections not to mention the instruments and sensors.
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    Salt water is absolutely bad stuff. The USS Guitaro (SSN???) sunk along side the pier, I believe in Vallejo, CA, back in the late 60's. They brought her up, fixed everything they could think of. Put it into service. I had friends on it and they said that there were electrical/electronic problems every day of the year. No matter what was done, the problems never went away. Glider has it right when he says beware of electrical problems.
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    I've rebuilt a couple from the insurance companies. It doesn't take much to total a Harley, but I'm with the others, stay away from the flood bikes. That water can get into places that will be hard to fix.
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    Even fresh water? I totally understand salt water can be a huge problem.
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    Water/electrical parts/close tolerance machine parts etc.etc just don't get along well...if you think Harleys are expensive, try a boat (bring on another thousand) for a while....they are as bad as a high maintaince woman.....
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    As soon as a vehicle goes under water, any water, the insurance co. writes it off. Thats all you need to know.

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    SF, have to agree in part with you there, it is like a boat "--a hole (hull) in the water you throw money into..." Any vehicle would be just that, but sometimes basketcases are just that...if that is what you choose to do!

    As for the HMW your on your own...the V-Twin parked in my garage is a living testimonial to that..! :small3d007:
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    Absolutley even fresh water..To give you an example, I am a bodyman by trade.A couple of months ago I spent 2 days swapping out electrical components from a 2008 Toyota Highlander.

    The owner had parked his car and went to sleep not realizing he forgot to close his moonroof.He said he was woken by strange flashing lights coming from his driveway.Turned out to be his cars navigation screen going haywire.

    It was raining and a small amount of water had entered the computer based below his console.After removing most of the interior as well as the carpet we got to all the wireing running along the floor.

    Amazing how green all of the prongs in the electrical plugs where in the effected area.Not to mention the numerous other components circiutry effected by the surges.
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    Alright then, flood damage is out of the question. Has anyone ever bought a salvage bike? Any tips or rules to follow in assesing the value and cost for duying a salvage? Example side damage may be easier to asses that front damage, for we do not want to risk a bent frame.

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