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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by BlinkerBlu, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. BlinkerBlu

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    Today I was coming home from Lowes and saw a bob tailed truck sitting on top of a bike. I looked closer and the rider was still sitting on his ride as it was on it's side. There were a larger number of good folks helping the biker until help arrived. What pissed me off was it was very clear that the truck pulled in front of the motorcycle, causing the biker to lay it down. I just wished people would pay more attention to the traffic instead of trying to hurry to get on a fast moving street.
  2. R. Lewis

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    I hope somebody above was watching out for the biker cause apparently the trucker wasn't!!
  3. glider

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    Much too many things like this happening . People should be more aware when driving and not talking on the phone and other things.
  4. RicanGlider

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    Hello All:D

    I hope the rider is Ok, When I was stationed in S.Carolina it was always a scary time everytime I got on the bike, I had two very closed call, cars running red lights. :15:

    Here in Colorado I feel the drivers have more respect for the bikers, however am still scanning my sectors..................:panic
  5. Apyle

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    I am always very mindful of what is going on around me. But the other day I was out riding and some jerk passed me on the shoulder. I hate riding down m-57 anyway but I was turning and someone couldn't wait. People are idiots. :bigsmiley19:
  6. Fourdogs

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    You guys are so right. People are just toooo busy to see bikers. I've also had a couple close calls because it was just sooooo freakin important for these people had to be talking on a cell phone. Paying absolutely no attention to me...One thing I gotta say here however...since I've been riding its actually made me a better driver when I'm in the cage. I pray the fellow on the bike will be ok.:bigsmiley19:
  7. JBK 1

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    I'm what would be considered a careful driver, but when there's a bike around I'm doubly so. It's so easy to screw up and cause life changing problems.
    If there's a biker in front I give him (or her) all the room in the world.
    If there's one in back of me I, well you get the idea.

  8. rkc06

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    Sad to hear,hope he will be okay.I was taught when I did my rider course, you have to ride like your invisible.
  9. Cory

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    I guess I'll share my close story as well...

    my father and I were headed to the harley dealership on our rides. I ran a little behind him, and it allowed me to keep watch for idiots in the rear.

    sure enough... a soccer mom in a later grand cherokee starts nosing down HARD and approaching FAST. There was only so much space I could move up. I dropped the clutch, and lurched forward as soon as possible. She tried swerving around us... onto NO shoulder, (which means she almost hit a guard rail) but I tell you what, she would have been paying for my new harley, I can tell you that much.

    She was, of course- driving while talking on a cell phone!!!!!!
  10. Goshawk

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    I am sorry to hear this biker was involved in an accident and the truck pulled out in front of him.
    It is too bad he did not know a motorcycle will stop much better upright rather than on it's side.