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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by CalgaryBikeBum, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. CalgaryBikeBum

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    Well my friend wanted to try out the "104" so we swapped bikes. I remember now why I love my Roadking. The ultra felt like a car. High riding stance, seating way forward ( I have tall guys seat), knees cramped in , I have extended footboards. It broke the wind nice and the Monster ovals sound great. But I think I still love the classic look of the Roadking. I grew up looking at them when they all looked like Roadkings and just can't get past the feeling that the speedo should be on the tank. Oh well . I would like a fairing but a quick release one like Woody's . Maybe next year. Spent enough on the motor. Luckily the wife is onside. :newsmile100:
  2. ultrat

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    When buying time came i went back & forth r/c, ultra i needed the caring space & i like the additional tour pack brake lites but it was a tough call.......
  3. Porter

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    Tough call... which is why I think that those that can, have multple HD's.

    The first HD I ever rode was a Road King that I rented in Hawaii on Kuai. Fell in love with it. That was over a decade ago. When I had the $$ to buy my own 2 years ago I was torn between the Road King, Streetglide and the UC. Went with the UC for similar storage reasons. Still want the RK though...a RK with whitewalls is CLASSIC! Oh, if I hit the lottery....

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Mr. CBBum,
    Probably a lot of members here can remember filling out a "Picture Form" questionnaire with their New application for Bike insurance... How it was asking to Mark "what position described your style of bike riding"..

    That was about the time when bikes changed Style and IF you marked anything BUT a NORMAL upright position , Your rates were More... Lots more.

    This Upright Position of riding is a feeling I still hold-to today.. as OLD SCHOOL for me is still here..

    So Mr.CBB I would have to agree with You, when they "All Looked Like Roadkings"..

    I never could imagine being bent over a bike and trying to see the country-side from That position.

    I passed on owning a lot of other bikes just for that reason.

    The "Looks" and "Position" one rides his bike Still makes part of the "Great Motorcycle Fantasy" for me.

    Imagine a lot of others feel the same.

  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    To each his own - that's why Harley makes such a versatile lineup.

    My final 2 choices came down to RK or Street Glide. One of the factors, for me anyways, was that I didn't really like having to look down on the tank for speed info. Had to actually move my head down to see the speedo whereas on my SG, it's right in my peripheral vision or I can quickly shift my eyes without moving my head.

    I know, it's probably my "pilot tendencies" coming through too strongly but it was definitely a factor in my purchase decision.
  6. Bodeen

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    My first choice and still my choice is the Road King. I just love it. I like the classic look, has the essentials, and not overloaded with stuff. I am just not interested in all the other stuff. I like the wind. Having said that, if we road two up more often and the wife ever climbed on a U/C then it may be a different story. As for me, I like the Road king. Every once in a while I wish I had something a little more agile but thats a different thread.

  7. Thumperhead

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    It was the passenger comfort that swayed me, my wife and I both have back issues so the UC was how we went.
  8. TXMikey

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    I'm right there with you Doc! I came down to deciding between RK and SG, and prefered the heads-up nature of the Street Glide gauges (I am not a pilot). Plus, I wanted something with tubeless tires, which are required on spoke wheels.

    Of course, I am trying to convince my wife she needs a Road King....:D

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I sure like the Handle-Bars on your avatar... I need a set for my KING...

    Looks like they would be Really Hard to steal.......

  10. jaceddie

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    Both bikes are great. Can't go wrong with either one.