Rocker Lockers??? What say you?

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    I am wrestling with whether or not to install a set of Rocker Lockers on my 05 Tour Classic. Back last weekend my wife and I took a 187 mile round trip and I started noticing that distinctive ticking sound coming from my rockers at around 2500 RPM. Not too loud but just loud enough to hear and aggravate me.
    I see where D K Customs makes a set and I can get the gasket set from a local Indy shop.
    My question is has anyone here has had any dealings or experience with them? The pros and cons, and the do’s and dont’s. I can do the work myself but just want to hopefully eliminate any uh oh’s

    Thanks in advance for any info / advice
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    I don't have them, but have read many posts about them. Rocker Lockers brand seems to be a quality product, but as always, there are new comers on the market with inferior products both in size and material.
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    I agree about the new comers, inferior products and material. I did some research on the ones from D K Customs. They are made in USA and have high positive reviews. I also know two people who have them and both gave them a thumbs up. One big concern is I can’t help but wonder if I am jumping the gun so to speak. I haven’t heard the ticking before until the ride I mentioned in my OP. But the Temp that day was in the upper 90’s, with high humidity and we were up in the N Ga mountains. Haven’t had a chance to ride since that day but I keep wondering if those conditions played a contributing factor and I need to hold off on installing them.
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    Funny you should bring this up- I asked this very question a few weeks ago rIght here.
    Got a pretty good answer from “Dolt” which inspired me to buy some from the USA; and which I received just last week.
    I’ve yet to put them in, but I’m certainly hopeful that they will quieten my engine down.
    I’m experiencing the same noises at the same RPMs that you and everyone else seems to: so I watched all the videos and read all the various posts I could find: and the overwhelming consensus indicated that these things work.
    Or if they didn’t work, they certainly didn’t make things worse.
    Sorry that’s not a definitive answer- but I put my money where my mouth is so I have some faith in that they will work. As an awful lot of happy riders have indicated.
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    I put them in my heritage 3 years ago and I don't think I noticed any difference in top end noise. On the other hand they certainly didn't hurt either. The thing that helped mine the most is redline oil.
  6. Lobo1

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    I found a thread from back in 2015 about them but it didn’t give any info on first hand experience etc

    That’s my main concern. The research I’ve done along with talking with people I get about 50 / 50 on their experiences. I guess it’s just one of those things that you gotta do before you know.
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    For those that do not know, there are Rocker Lockers and Rockouts. The Rocker Lockers were introduced by the guy (John) that came up with the solution in a joint venture with a business partner. They split in late 2015,IIRC, and John started the Rockout business. So, if buying, buy the Rockouts from the inventor. A Rockout kit will include 5 inserts, two o-rings and the installation hardware (nut and washer) and installation instructions.

    The Rockouts will solve the tapping noise for Lobo1 if the cause of the noise is the rocker shaft rotating in the support plate; but if the noise is coming from another source, Rockouts will not solve the problem. Rockouts are cheap, install is a simple DIY project so, IMHO, worth the cost and effort. However, when Lobo1 pulls the shafts and does not see any witness marks from shaft rotation, the Rockouts will most likely not eliminate the noise and Lobo1 should start looking elsewhere. So, suggest the Lobo1 stops debating and gets the Rockouts.;)

    I know they work. I am also a long time member of HTT and there are many members of that forum that testify to the fact that they work. Most of those guys are performance oriented, do all their own work and are serious individuals when it comes to performance. Some are builders and they install Rockouts on every motor they build as a safeguard against future rocker shaft rotation.

    John sells Rockouts on Amazon, Ebay or direct purchase from him; pretty sure he doesn't sell through DK Customs. The DK Customs Rocker Lockers may work just as well as John's Rockouts but I bought Rockouts just because, if you know what I mean.
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  8. Lobo1

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    I stopped by the local performance shop and got the gaskets and Lockout set. Bryan had them in stock. dolt is right, Doing the project myself is no problem at all so I need to stop debating and just do it. Will install this coming up weekend.
  9. Harley Cruiser

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    Dolt, actually that is not true, John, did not invent rocker arm inserts, Rocker Lockers did, that is all documented here in the HTT forum.
    John was the one who saw the problem with the arm moving and making the noise, his solution was locktiteing the shaft in the towers.
    I was the one who came up with the idea for the inserts to take up the space and lock the shaft.
    I had read about this on the HDforum, and started working on a prototype before this tread even started.
    If you read the thread that I posted, you will see that after I started selling Rocker Lockers john argued how great the locking powers of locktite was, I even had to explain to him why the inserts needed to be tapered to lock them in place.
    I had ask john to help promote my product and we had talked about going in to business together he was going to be production. I sent him a set of Rocker Lockers to look at, but the partnership never took place and we went our separate ways. I was selling Rocker Lockers for several months before he copied my product and started selling his.
  10. Jeff Klarich

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    Unfortunately you didn't have the copy rights to the product and someone stole your idea.
    Pretty dirty when someone takes claim and profits on someone else's idea.