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    Has anyone changed their stock RK handlebars to a more ergonomically friendly bar. Less neck ache? I'm 6' tall. And did your stock cables and harnesses fit? What part numbers were involved? Thanks!
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    I installed the Heritage Soft tail tail bars on my 09 RK. Almost 3" higher than stock and about 2 &1/2 " back with a little less angle on the grips. Seems to help both my wrist's and my shoulders. Since mine is TBW I didn't have the cable issues with the right side and the clutch cable is more than long enough for the change.
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    Welcome to THE forum. The part number your looking for is part# 56902-08.They are the Heritage bars and they should go on your 02 RK without cable changes. A little tweak of the brake line coming out of the master cylinder to make it conform to the new bars is all that is needed. I put them on my 03RK and they are a very big improvement. They are not for everybody though. I still have a wrist angle issue because I have wide shoulders and it seems to make a difference in wrist angle. I am 6' tall and about 260lb. I got mine for free and couldn't pass up the opportunity. I believe you will find that then original equipment bars (used ones) are stainless and the ones you buy over the counter are chrome. The boss (Glider) will be along any second and will confirm or deny that. All in all an easy project with a big impact for relatively little $$$. Good luck and let us kn ow how it goes.
    Use the search function at the top of the page and search "heritage bars" you will find a ton of info.

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    Thanks a million !!
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    I saw someong mention that stock bars are stainless..... I changed my Nightser's bars over to stock Dyna Wide Glide mini apes, not sure of what year or part # off the top of my head, but they are almost the exact same bend as the black mini apes that EVERYBODY puts on a Nightster, so I wanted to be different...... I had 4" risers on before, and I had to change my brake line to a braided stainless line. The brake line is usually the only component that won't work out when you change bars to anything taller. I went with a braided stainless piece from Dennis Kirk, cheaper and better than a Harley piece, and it gave me the flexibility to change my bars to whatever I wanted. My stock wires and clutch cable worked fine with the new bars, and even though I recently relocated my turn signals from under the grips to the bottom of the trees, there was enough wire to make it. I'm pretty sure most HD's are that way, you might have to re-route the wires a bit, but they should make it to the grips, unless you are going with the ultra high apes or the super wide beach bars (my favorite on a RK are super wide and flat beach bars, I'm 5'10 300#) hope this might help.
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    like your avitar a stooges fan also...........
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    I just put a set of heritage style bars on a 08 roadking and man did it make a difference.Rides like a total different bike.Dont reget the switch at all.
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    I have the 9' Mini HD Apes thats 1 inch and 1/4 so wires inside i have corporal tunnel and its amazingly comfortable i am 5/10 tho.
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    I had the Road King Highbars on my 2002 Road King and now I've put them on my 2008 Road King. Cables did not have to be changed.
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    The Heritage bars are great on my RG, no cable problems, bolt on in about 2 hours..from Zannotties about 75$ I think??