Road King' electraglide or Street Glide?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bubbacraft, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. bubbacraft

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    MY feelings are once you spend 20 plus K what is 2 or 3 more in the long run?
    I am handing my Dyna to my wife and I will buy one of the three bikes listed above. Living in Ontario I think it's a good call to buy an 08 in stock now due to our dollars shrinking daily. My brother has an 03 Road King, nice bike but he is only five feet tall and his bike is rigged for him so I find it hard to ride unless I sit on the passenger seat.

    My Dyna is my seventh bike but my first Harley and I love it. After putting 5K on it it feels like it's a part of me. Am I going to be able to handle one of these bigger bikes so it feels like my Dyna?

    I am 5 8 and 185 lbs. I have read a lot about the windsheilds and fairings as well is this a BIG issue?
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    I was always against dressed bikes said they wern't real motorcycles! July I bought my 07 electraglide classic and I haven't gotten off since I'm dreading winter I've put 12000miles on it this summer and I'm kicking myself for not having bought one sooner. By the way I'm 5-8 200lbs. and the bike is easy to handle
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Decisions, decisions - now the fun begins!

    First, if you can ride a Dyna, you can ride a Touring model no sweat. They're big but perfectly balanced. Five minutes practice in a parking lot and you'll be carving u turns and figure eights with the best of them.

    Next, as has been posted hundreds of times, it all boils down to the type of riding you do most. If serious touring is your "thing", you simply can't beat the EG Ultra. Mostly around town riding with an occasional long trip - lots of folks love the RK. For me, the SG was the best combination of all kinds of riding. It's lots of fun for short rides around town, handles great, and looks leaner and meaner than EG's or RG's. It's got the fairing (warmth and tunes) and adjustable suspension for long trips. If you want, you can even rig it up with a detachable tour pac and get the same storage capability as the EG.

    Tough decision but that's half the fun, right?
  4. Drew

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    I'm a bit bigger than you, at 6'1" 215lbs., but I own a sportster, and have owned nothing else... have been riding for only 4 months. I have been test riding both road kings and the heritage softail, and both are easy to handle... it's really quite remarkable. Sure, they are heavier than your Dyna, but amazingly well balanced and easy to handle. My take is, if you know how ride a motorcycle, you will know how to ride ANY Harley.

    Good luck

  5. BuffaloBill

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    Well I have owned all 3 bikes 03 RKC 07 EGC 09 UC. I am 5'7" 162lbs. Lowered rear shocks on all three bikes. My all time favorite was the RKC (until my new 09 UGC ) loved the style and removaible windshield. Iin 07 I was torn between the SG and EGC I just felt that I got more bamg for the $$ with the EGC. 1st thing I took off the 07 EGC was thw Rear Touring pack making it look like the SG. My 09 is the BEST RIDE I love the way it handles and will probbaly beat out the RK as my all time favorite. I live in the Houston/Sugar Land TX area and it is my main form of transporation for work and play I told my wife that I finaly found the perfect HD

    Ride Safe
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    It's really a matter of style and preference.
    I'd have to say that my favorite would be the SG, had an '07, LOVED IT, traded it for an '09SG and Love it way way more... this bike is perfect for me (after a few mods...). Try to ride one of each, or ride WITH one of each, at least go to the dealer and sit on one of each if they don't have a rideable demo.
    Get an '09 whatever, the 09 touring bikes all handle so much better than the previous models... has to be experienced to be believed. Cost savings should not be the final decider.

  7. RottMan

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    +1 for the '09 SG! You won't regret it.
  8. 09ultra

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    I have a 09 Ultra Classic and am 5'9". It is just right there as far as height for me. If I was shorter, even by an inch, I would think about a differrent model. I love my bike would not trade for any other model, but it is higher than the others you mention. I will soon put on the HD shocks to lower by an inch and it will then fit me fine. It is too high for me as of now. Hope this helps.
  9. Mickster

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    I wanted the 09 SG look, but settled on the 09 EGC for good reason, and I recommend it to you. Oh baby!! I added a 'tour-pack' removal kit to the EGC, and so when I'm not touring, in about 30 sec. I've removed the "station wagon appearance" and Yepee, I have my prefered SG look!! I rode it this past weekend on a PGR mission where the winds were forecast to be 30-45mph. Boy oh boy, that wind hardly moved this baby around. Handling was s-w-e-e-t, and the wider rear tire/larger front tire, gave me the confidence on wet pavement that I really needed. Hail was forecast too here in West Michigan, but got home just before the clouds let loose. I sure recommend the 09 EGC!!!:D
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    Thanks good people, I will go to the show room and take a good look. Man I wish I could ride one up here. I could save a few bucks buying an 08 but maybe I should go for the 09.