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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by bluefilhd, Mar 23, 2011.

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    As I am still recovering from a left turner running a red light and hitting me on the bike last year, this forum is my connection to riding until I can get on the bike again in a few months (I hope). Living in California we more or less are able to ride all 12 months depending on where you are. I see more and more posts lately about bikes coming out of storage and going for the first ride of the season. It got me curious as to how long other peoples riding seasons are. I like learning a few things about other parts of the country and how things roll out there.......Thanks.
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    Uncovered and rode 10 miles two weeks ago. Probably will not really start riding till April 1. This past riding season ended 2 weeks before Thanksgiving with bike detailed and put in storage. So the average for me is 8 months. Last year I rode 8,000 miles before storing and hope to eclipse that mileage this year. I will be busy trying to accomplish this goal....
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    Get better bluefilhd and hopefully soon you'll be back in the saddle.
    I live in Northern Virginia. Park bike in November and typically ride regularly in April.
    Have had snow first week of May, but also have had 70 degree day first week of January 2 years ago. I live at top of VA by MD,WV,and PA. Certainly a little warmer down south by NC border.
    Maybe you can go to dealer or rally to get another connection with the "gang"??
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    Well I live in the Northeast (CT). My riding season consists of April thru October mostly. I get out occasionally between November and March. I rode Jan. 1 this year first time in along time I rode in January. I just hate getting all that salt on the bike mostly is why I don't take it out more often in those months. I have to get some winter riding gear this year because it was a long winter and I sure do miss riding! Get well and ride safe!
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    Depends on how much you like the cold as to how long you will make the season last!

    I put my bike in dealer storage on November 11 last year when the temps hit the low 30's for the commute to work......68 miles on the highway gets mighty cold!

    I took the bike out of storage on March 12 this year and as of now have 3 short trips on it but when the temps hit mid 30's for the commute to work I'll be out on it more and more. So I am only off the bike for 4 months......I average 8,000 miles every season.
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    I live in South Georgia so I ride 12 months out of the year. There are only a few weeks/days in Dec/Jan/Feb that I leave it parked but I at least ride a few days in those months. It is 75 miles from my house to the office so if it is 35 or above and not raining when it is time for me to leave the house I'm riding.
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    Jacksonville Florida, I ride every day just get better and get back on that horse and ride, Good Luck on the healing
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    I wish you a speedy and complete recovery, blufilhd. I live in Colorado Springs, and we have been able to ride at least one day each weekend most of the winter except for one three week stretch in December. We can have snow one day and it will be 70+ a couple of days later. Never boring!
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    I agree with wacko and dynaglide.....if it's in the 30's put the winter gear on and I'm ready to go. But salt is one thing I didn't think about in other places, I just assumed that most everywhere used sand now. And that has it's own set of rules for us that are on two wheels. I like looking at the snow, playing in the snow, but that's about it, no riding in the snow for me.

    Thanks for the good thoughts, I'll be back in the saddle soon enough. Was hoping to start walking a couple weeks ago but the doc didn't want to push it so we'll see in another few weeks. :dknow
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    There were a couple of days here in Southern Ill you could have ridden very comfortably, but there was so much salt on roads when you met oncoming cars & semi's there was actually dust in the air! It was like this for over two weeks, finally rained enough to wash roads off then got cold again!!!