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  1. glyd-n

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    How hard do you push your bike? I don't ride my bike like it's a sport bike, but I do like to get the most out of it. For instance, I do most of my shifting at 3000 rpms and depending on what I'm trying to accomplish, sometimes at 4000 rpms. Very seldom will I let it get to 5000 rpms. To some, this may seem a bit aggressive, but I like to see what its made of. I'm curious to know the riding style of some of the members here on the world's best HD forum.:D:D
  2. Breeze3at

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    When I was younger (in my 50's) I pushed my Dyna pretty hard at times. I rode Deals gap a few times, and hit the rev limiter (6,000) a few times in lower gears, then backed down on the compression. My rear brakes were smoking when I pulled into the store/campground. I have done dozens of hard launches and drag races, shifting with full throttle (missed a few shifts too). At 30+ K miles the bearings went out on the front exhaust lifter. It's been another 35 K miles since then. I hit 5 k rpm quite often because it sounds so good, and gets there so fast. It leaks a little oil from the rear rocker box, and weeps a little from the front left base gasket. I'm not complaining. I'm a lot easier on my 96 in. TC, but it gets bounced off the limiter every now and then.
  3. Jim B.

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    I "ride soft." I usually shift between 2500 and 3000 rpm. I never exceed 3500 rpm for shifting or running. My engine better last forever, or at least for the next 15 years until I'm 75.
  4. candave650

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    Although I have had mostly sportbikes,I just ride moderatly hard shifting at 3500 to 4000 rpm.I like to feel and hear the engine purr and I find I ride corners more aggressively than my other harley friends.
  5. RetiredJake

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    On the Ultra, usually shift before 3500. On the Dyna, depends on which way the wind is blowing. It is not unusual to wind it out, that's what it's for. :D
  6. revok1200

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    I live in a small community and hardly ever have a need to get on it when at home, but have to hit the highway regular to get anywhere else. Usually just cruise everywhere and take care of the sled. However, I always love getting on the throttle some and just blowing the carbon out the exhaust to keep the throught clean.

    I do ride harder than most I ride with, especially when we get to the mountians. I am usually sitting on the bike watching everyone esle pull in. This is on my RG, and I usually average 20K miles a year.
  7. jaceddie

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    I take it easy most of the time. Usually shift around 2500 with only the occasional trip to 4 or 5 grand.
  8. Iceman24

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    Bought a cruiser so now I "cruise" around - don't need to ride hard. Now, in my earlier days we wound-up the street bikes & dirt bikes pretty hard, but those days are long gone for me.
  9. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    I do believe the KING of ride hard has spoken...:D

    I'm usually pretty easy on my ride, shifting between 2500 and 3000. Had the bike for a little over a year and just hit the limiter the other day when I got a wild hair but I usually ride like a pepere...
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  10. ultradoc

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    I usually ride 'soft' shifting about 2500 rpm's. But when I am with my buddy who rides a brand X he rides hard most times and that's my 'excuse' to do ride hard.