Riding glasses?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by DaveInPA, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. DaveInPA

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    I'm looking for a good pair of glasses, well two actually, one sunglasses, one clear, for riding with no helmet or a half helmet. I have a pair now from Rider's Eyewear but they don't do a very good job of keeping the wind out and I have to squint when I ride with them on.

    Any recommendations?
  2. YmmitHD

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    I use Bobsters. One clean pair and one dark. They have foam around the inside to help with the wind but still allows some to prevent fogging. what ever you do watch out for the transitional pair glasses they have. I bought one pair thinking that they actually went from totally clear to dark sun glasses. I ended up having to call the Bobsters to find out what the deal was cause mine where not changing. the Lady said that they have 3 different pairs. One is totally clear to light clear, another is light clear medium and the lat pair are medium to dark and as follows the price also jump to very high. I paid $40 for the clear to light clear and i think it was a $15 to $20 jump per the different pairs. Luckily the store returned them cause they weren't used. Otherwise i notice the HD dealer also has some pretty nice shades too.

    Just my .02
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    When I went to Sturgis this month I had a shopping list that included a good pair of glasses. I went around looking at glasses for $125. and $130 a pair. I couldn't do it. They were nice glasses but too much for something that will get lost or stolen. I ended up at Walmart in the bicycle sports section and got a pair with 3 interchangeable lenses for $30. I am very happy with them. There is a dark lense for sun, a yellow lense for rain and a clear lense for night.
  4. mongy

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    I'm using arnette's fish eyes at the moment and am very happy with them but the best i've found are actually from harley themselves - unfrotunately dog decided they were good : for lunch.
  5. rhino

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    Do yourself a favor and get the ones with the foam. I picked up two pair at my dealership for twenty a peice, and now i wont ride across the street without them.
  6. MIHDrider

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    Is the foam that worth it? I have contacts and am always looking for things that help with wind. Usually shatterproof sunglasses that kind of wrap around.
  7. gs34

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    Check these out. Fast service, good product, cheap price. I've been well satisfied with the 2 pair that I bought.
    The Best Motorcycle Glasses
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    Got myself Ray Bans $160.00

    When I had the honda I tested them @ 155km

    Stayed on my head
    Good protection around the eyes- no draft
    Dark and polarized.

    I have owned 2 pairs - IMO they are well worth it.

    I also have a pair of Snap ON glasses with the yellow tint.
    They offer better protection and only $35.

    They are stylish
    Impact resistant againt stones up to a point
    Great at night in cutting glare from oncoming traffic

    Wouldnt be without either.

    I thought about a pair of goggles for the rain, but with the HD I dont need them as I have a wind screen
  9. Axel

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    The Curv sunglasses that a lot of Harley dealers sell for $13 or so seem to be pretty good at keeping wind out. I just bought another pair with foam for $20, but haven't worn them enough to have a definite opinion. Not sure I like that foam pressing around my eyes. Both pair are close-fitting, a must with wraparound glasses that need to keep the wind and rain out. I'm curious to see what that foam does in the rain- will it soak up water?
  10. mongy

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    I wasn't too keen on the foam ones as i found them very uncomfortable. Then i some (harely)where the foam had spaces designed to allow breathing ( which i didnt even know about) and that made a big difference. I didn't get that suction feel which i really hated.