Riders with Diabetes

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  1. khewell

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    Just wondering how many riders out there have diabetes and what precautions you take for a long trip. and Are there any states that have spesific laws to being a diabetic and riding?
    I have type 2 and always carry a coke and BG tester.
    Most of the time my wife will make me stop every few hours and eat.
    If it's an all day trip I'll carry my meds.
  2. buck484

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    That"s what I do as well. So far no problems.
  3. 01dynaglide

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    I ride with a guy that has to wear a pump. We stop about every hour and a half or so to get off so he can get something to drink/eat. He has never had any problems while out riding.
  4. sharpscuba

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    I have type 2 also (thanks to the orange ) anyway I take the meds along. I always check the blood just before leaving and always watch what I eat. I have learned through time when this old body is in need of a fix or just getting off kilt. Most places have needle deposits in the bathrooms at least here in Wisconsin.
  5. Hill202

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    I have type 2 as well. I take breaks and eat. You learn to "listen" to your body.
  6. BikeSAG

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    At 50 years old I'm good with no problems. The wife however is type 1. She wears an Omni Pod. We always travel with her tester, carbs or sweet juice in case her blood sugar gets too low (which is worse than too high). It doesn't slow us down. Before the Omni Pod she took shots several times a day so we had to travel with her stick pen of insulin.
  7. FIREDOG239

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    I have type 2, just have to take one injection a day. Usually take a break every 1 1/2 hour while riding and always carry something to eat and drink. I've rode many 600 mile days. :D
  8. DarinDan

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    I have Type 1. This is a topic that our family talks about quite often. I carry OJ and candy when I travel. Stop every two hours for checks (deal between the wife and I). Any time I ride I carry all meds just in case. I have noticed my sugar drops on long rides so I check more often. Love to ride but in the back of my mind it concerns me about healing if I ever go down. I refuse to let my disease stop me from enjoying my passion but pay close attention to what I am doing for others and myself.
  9. larryjmiller

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    I don't want to hijack this thread. I don't have diabetes but I have DVT and am on coumadin (blood thinner). My legs take forever to heal so I added hard lowers to my RK so I won't get hit in the legs with any road debris. I also wear Alpaca socks to keep my legs and feet warm.

    As all of you have said, you can't let these things keep you off of two wheels. Stopping to rest on a bike is so much easier on a bike than in a cage plus you get to "smell the roses". Keep on riding!
  10. khewell

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    Thanks for the replies.
    The healing thing is also a big concern of mine, bumps and scrapes that would have normally healed in a couple of days now takes weeks.