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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by stay cool, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. stay cool

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    I see or i should say hear some riders at stop lights that like to let everyone know how loud pipes sound up close.I feel they are going to cause us all to go back to stock exhausts, what do you think?
  2. glider

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    I think you may be right there. Too much noise at the wrong times will definitely cause problems.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    I agree - love the sound and rhythm of a Harley but there's a time and a place for everything. Guess the "loud pipes save lives" crowd feels like they're endangered even while sitting stopped at a light! Got to rev it and make noise at every opportunity!

    I also just returned from a week's vacation on Hilton Head Island where we've vacationed for many years. Now that I ride a motorcycle, I guess I've become more aware of such things but most of the gated "plantations" on the island do not allow motorcycles. I'm convinced that at some point in the past, someone with loud pipes showed indiscretion and pissed off someone on the board and, voila, no more bike problems in my plantation!
  4. Goshawk

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    I think the guys that blip the throttle and rev the bikes at a stop or at slow speeds do not know how to maintain there motorcycles and are
    trying to get the bikes not to stall as they are so out of tune they will not idle. Just another way to spot newbies that cannot tune their motorcycles.
    These are the same guys who always put two feet on the ground when they stop and then drag them for a block before they pull them onto the pegs.
  5. Vibratinharley

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    + 1

    Also, they need to draw attention to themselves. That look at me, I am special attitude. I put them in the same category as the people with the nextel phones that need to be loud and obnoxious. They are fun to watch though.
  6. Buzzy

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    I like a good sounding exhaust but setting off every auto alarm you drive by is a bit much. Just about (if not all) the States have laws which prohibit altering a MV's exhaust to make more noise and it'll be the folks who take it way too far that will someday / somewhere cause those laws to be enforced.
  7. bikermonkey

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    It seems a common practice for bikes to pull up to a light and rev the engines. I don’t see the point. I like my loud pipes, they sound great on the road and offer a small margin of higher safety but I don’t have to rev it up at a light to bring attention, or to keep it running. She will sit there purring all day long without reving it up. We don’t do that in our cars,, so why the bike? And on hot days it will only serve to make your engine run hotter.
    On a recent charity ride they even had the loudest bike reving contest. I agree, enjoy the pipes, be heard not obnoxious. :rr
  8. skull

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    You all are hysterical- I could not agree more! The newbie- wannabe "kids" are the most annoying and detrimental to the world of motorcycles. I have a loud bike but NEVER use it to annoy or irritate others intentionally as do 75% of the people attending Myrtle Beach Bike Week every year! I guess mommy and daddy give them an endless supply of cash for all the flip-flops they wear out draggging there feet from stoplight to stoplight whether it's 100 feet or 2 miles!
  9. HarleyHarry

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    Here in the UK there's a DB level you are "not allowed" to go over. Upon dropping my previous bike of for it's anual inspection I was told before the test that with straight thu pipes I could forget getting a certificate. Guess with more and more "noise clowns" these rules will be enforced to the letter of the law. Now that would be a bummer.
    A Harley needs to sound like it does but some abuse it a little and spoil it for all.
  10. Cory

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    maybe I'm a bit paranoid here, but I'll lump myself into this "newbie" category you all insist on using. y'know, the ones that keep the feet on the ground every so often, and yeah, I'll blip the throttle every so often too at a stop light. Sometimes the noise is just pleasant to hear for a brief second. But I'm never obnoxious about it, nor rev it high. Just enough to hear a little more "purr" while I'm waiting for the light to turn.

    I find it interesting you all were probably there once as well. Or rode with someone who did that, and you didn't mind it so much.

    However I'll be d***ed if mommy and daddy bought me squat. I pay for my own thank you very much.