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Remapping EFI vs. Race Tuner, etc.


Before doing the SE slip ons (maybe Kerker 2:1 Super Megs) and SE air kit, any opinions out there on simply remapping the EFI vs. the more expensive route of a Race Tuner, Power Commander, etc.? I am sure the RT/PC route will yield more power, etc. - all I am looking for is smoother delivery of power, not necessarily more power. This is for my wife's '07 1200L. Any thoughts / opinions will be appreciated. Thanks!
FWIW, I have an '07 XL1200C and just put Cycle Shack pipes and an SE breather on it. I have the PC III USB on it. It's a little tight installing the PC III under the seat. But, it runs like a champ!

While the PC is more expensive, it is "plug and play" in that you just load the appropriate map and go.