Rear-ended in traffic - 02 Electra, now what???

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Foxman, May 31, 2013.

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    I was stopped at a light in Traffic heading home from work yesterday on my 02 Electra with both feet on the ground. I was in a pack of cars and surrounded when I felt a sudden nudge forward, and heard a "Crunch!" It was a Cadillac Escilade on top of my rear fender. Did not down the bike, but pinned me untill I let the clutch out to pull away. We pulled into the gas station and exchanged insurance info (Michigan is a no-fault state) I called My insurance co. (Progres.) to ask if I needed to do anything else and they said no, and offered to start a claim. I said I'd call back at a better time. There was no visible damage to the plasitc Escilade bumper, but the rear of my Electra is "Tweaked" a little. At first glance, you can't see anything wromg, but looking straight down, you can see the turn signels are 1/2 inch away from the bag on the RH side, and 2 inches away from the bag on the LH side.The LH pipe is pushed in about 1.5 inches more than the RH side is now, and LH bag is cracked in the bottom inside (Prob from exhaust bracket under getting punched) - not visible untill I removed all my gear to inspect.

    Luckily nobody was hurt (me), and if this is my one accident to endure, then I'm lucky. No cops called. No police report made.

    I rode the bike home with no noticable differences in riding / performance, and parked it for now.

    I will call my local Agent for some advice, (a family friend that carriers Progres.) and see what he says, but I want to get a little sense of what to expect form anyone out there who has maybe had a similar unfortunate situation.

    I don't want a failure in the making waiting for me, so I'm worried the pipe being pushed in has somehow made its way to the cylinder heads / mounts for a possible future failure? also I don't know what is bent in the rear, the turn signal bracket or the fender itself.
    The bike was previously custom painted a burnt orange metalic, and is not a standard HD color, so I know with the bag and possibly rear fender needing replacement, this will up the estimate for a complete repair

    I am a little worried that once the bike repair estimate is made, I might be offered a check for less than I owe on the bike loan...

    Anybody offer some advice in this situation?
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    You pushed your luck riding home if you aren't confident of the damage done. Don't play games. Tow it to the dealer and have them do an estimate.
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    My advice as a person in law enforcement is you should have made a police report. I'd still call it in so that it is on file. Glad your ok and hope you get the proper repairs.
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    good advice, take to a dealer so that they can give you the total price to have it back the way it was (be nice and high i am sure)

    most definitely have a police report in case you need to go back with documentation
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Call your insurance back and start a claim, tow to nearest dealer and try to be present during estimate, file a police report NOW
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    I went thru this last year. The most important part is the police report. The other persons insurance company wanted to make the accident a 60/40 fault. Wich means I was 40%at fault. If you don't follow your insurers instructions you may be out the estimate you will pay for at the Harley Dealer. Most insurers have their own damage estimators for motorcycles. In fact my insurance gave me a better estimate than the local Harley Dealer. The other persons insurer will try to contact you and have you complete a bunch of forms, if they do just tell them to contact your agent. Good luck and I am glad you were not injured!
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    Lots of good advice here, glad you didn't get hurt...
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    Even in a no fault state the cops should always be called. A reputable repair shop should be able to match the color, and I agree with other posts, you need to take it to a qualified Harley shop with the necessary equipment to check out all the damage, including the frame. Good you were not hurt and hopefully the insurance claims person will be reasonable
  9. RibEye

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    You will need a case number at a minimum, so see if you can get that report filed. It's a bit late for it, but give it a shot. Leaving the scene of an accident could be an offense. In Tucson, LEO will not likely come if there are no injuries or serious damage. They will simply give you the requisite case number. Without a case number the other side can claim that you both agreed to "no harm, no foul," and without a case number and report, you have no leg to stand on.

    If you have the ability to take pictures, I would take a few before moving off the road, and after...detailed pictures, with dates and surrounding scenery and teh other party and vehicle(s) for context.

    My 2 cents (for what it is worth): NEVER ride a motorcycle in an unknown state of repair or condition.

    Good luck,
    Rich P
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    me too.