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    Stole this from a firearms forum I am a member of and it worked out well there. This would be a place to put them thoughts about your bike or realy anything u want to talk about or just get out there but it anit worth starting a new thread.

    My first thought: 99% of the time when I google somthing looking for an answer on somthing about my bike HDtalking is the first site the search engine brings up.
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    HDT in my opinion is the best site available!
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    That because this is "THE BEST ON THE NET"

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    Going along the intent of this thread, I thought about riding impressions...that first ride on your Harley. Mine was an emotional one, the booming exhaust note, the ease in riding it and the overall "feast to the senses" before during and after the ride...and it was only in the parking lot!

    While motorcycling has always been a favorite past time since the 70's and 80's, and I had test ridden H-D a few times then, nothing rivaled that "first ride". My experience with H-D talking and this community was also at the same time...gotta go!
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    Where else can you find out about the best/worst dealers. Type of firearm or truck or harley accessory is best. Anything you have a question about and would like an answer without being called out or flamed. Just a random thought, where else can you save money and time, make new friends, all from the comfort of your easy chair? For all of you who have not hit the donate button up at the top right of the page--Think about it.
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    I am a lucky one when it came to my first ride on a Harley was my first ride on a bike. It was on a 91 softtail coustom ended up becoming my first bike few month later. But it ruined me for riding anything else tryed a yamaha and that lasted a whole 6 months till it got trade for my fxd. Still regret sellin that 91 tho
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    I have an tip that I adapted to troubleshoot electrical problems. I had a short that affected more than one area but not motor performance. Just the stuff that is hard to find. So I studied the wiring and studied the wiring starting at one end and going back and at the battery and going forward but I kept getting lost. I finally made copies of the wiing diagram and using highliters as close to matching color as I could get I traced the lines. Took maybe a couple of weekends and some time in between but when I was done I was pretty sure it was in the headlight and sure enough I had a broken orange wire that went in a connector as a single and out as triple orange. My left-handed method pretty much nailed it and I knew where the wires went before I got out there.
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    I had just finished making a box of bits into a bike had done all the paperwork and had take it for an mot wife had just passed her compulsory basic training so she was on that honda and i was on my BMW as the inspection was being done we walked round at looked at the bikes 2 of them caught my eye
    Over the weekend i kept thinking about the black bike went back on monday did a wee bit of a deal and the bike was mine
    i drove home arranged insurance and drove into town and got on a bus backpack with helmet and gloves took about 1 1/2 for the bus to get me there he rolled the bike out and fired it up the sound was great i got on the bike went to a petrol station 500 yards away and filled up about 1/2 mile from there we were out of the city on to the main road got about 3 miles the noise the vibration the feel of the bike and i knew it was right for me and i have not looked back since

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    I often ponder the stop light to stop light time trials cagers engage in these days. Maybe its just that I'm moving slower as I get older, or maybe its the cars are more powerful and drivers just have that need for speed. From stop light to stop light.

    I often wonder is there's not a vacuum that's formed by you and the car in front of you, and when you slide over to the adjacent lane to get better visibility, the car that was behind you has sucked right up and into the spot you just vacated...in a matter of seconds. Almost like a moth drawn to the light.

    And you can always tell a fellow rider who has just passed you in a car. They'll give you 6 or 8 seconds clearance before pulling over into your lane. Those who don't ride, will whip it in front of you just after getting by you, leaving you with no road visibility. It takes a rider to appreciate riders.

    My random thoughts.
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    I have random thoughts all the time. Problem is, is that I can't remember any of them. They just fall out of my head and on to the floor.
    Getting old is no fun.
    Ooops, there went another one.............[​IMG]