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Question: whats your favoite Motorcycle related song?


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Just curious, what your favorite song that you want to hear while your going down the back roads are through a mountain pass...are just down your street?...ok ok I know your all going laugh at me but( but I a really old guy!) I love listening to "Canadian Sunset" by Hugo Winterhalter, and Cherry Bomb by John Mellencamp...crazy combo huh? So whats yours?...I want to purchase but can't find the one called "Open Road" by Joey J and the Shovelheads.
Wow fourdogs, that's a good question, and I'm anxious to see some reply's. I have about 180 songs on my ipod right now, and I'd say about 25-30 of them are my favorites. Anything from Creedance, The Stones, Melencamp, Train, War, Elton John, Elvis, man, the list goes on and on. I havent even started downloading any country yet! Gotta get some Kenny Chesney, Johny Cash, and Willie on there yet.

Probably the most played song right now has to be Low Rider by War. But as you can see, my taste in music varies.
George Thorogood and the destroyers- Bad to the bone, Ac/Dc- Highway to hell, ** I guess not necessarily motorcycle related but awesome cruising tunes none the less like Rolling Stones - Jumpin Jack Flash **


I can't do this, I am a DJ on the weekends and this list could go on 4ever.
For me Molly Hatchets "Flirtin with disaster" rates right up there, especially when riding "the Dragon (129) at Deals Gap. in my Ducati days
Radar Love By The Golden Earring
Take it easy, The eagles
The orange blossom special. (sounds great on all 4 speakers whilst passing a traffic jam)
Hell in a bucket by the good ol grateful dead
the wheel by the same old hippies (the line in my signature is from that song)
Shakedown street
Black-hearted woman by the Allmans

Now I have no radio on the bike, but the pipes are loud enough that I can sing and nobody can hear me

I don't have a radio on any of my bikes but usually when I'm on the road I have the sound track from easy rider runnin through my head... When one of my brothers stretches both arms out to shake out the kinks I can't help hearing "if ya wanna be a bird" (Jack Nicholson easy rider) :D
Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive

Eagles Hotel California

Godsmack I stand Alone.

usually after hearing those, I HAVE to go get on the sportster. Unfortunately, I have to go to work in 30 minutes, so no time for that, and donning all my gear.
How about a little country? I can't believe you guys didn't throw out Trace Adkins, 'My Favorite Color is Chrome'......:s Fortunately, my pipes are too loud to hear any music, so I too can sing and not be heard, (good thing). There's a bunch I hear on the ipod and think that I should do a play list for the bikes, but I haven't had the time, I got an 80 gig ipod and I want the 160 gig, as mine is nearly filled up! 16000 songs or so. Neil Young has one I'll have to look up, I heard it a while back, it seemed like it had a line or too about riding along the highway with her long hair blowing in the wind......Maybe 'Unknown Legend'. I'll do that list for when I'm working or something wishing I was riding.