Progressive Rear Shocks

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bobbeidel, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. bobbeidel

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    Have any of you guys used the Series 412 or 440 Pregressive shocks to lower the rear of your touring bike? If so, how did you like them?
  2. My Electra Glide has air rear shocks, I don't think I want to change them, and have not heard of anyone with a touring series bike put Progressives on.
    I will say Progressive shocks are great, I had them on my Sportster and what a difference. I didn't know you could get 412's for a Touring size bike.
  3. dbmg

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    I would just get the Harley low profile shocks for about $270.00 and call it a day. I would not want to have to calculate all the variables before deciding on which type of Progressive shock to purchase, only find out the decision was incorrect when I needed the shock most. On none air shocked Harley Progressive would be a great choice...
  4. gusotto

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    I have 440 HD shocks on my Sportster and it was quite an improvement but the stock shocks aren't meant to last forever. It was time for new shocks.

    Anytime you lower a bike, you're going to sacrifice ride comfort for "looks."

    I thought about changing shocks on the Ultra but I'm happy with being able to adjust my stock Harley air shocks.
  5. Fatboy 07

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    I have replaced complete suspension system on my 2008 Ultra to the Progressive's suspension components - i.e. 440 rear shocks and the Monotube Front Fork Cartridge Kit/Assembly. I could not be happier! Almost completely illiminated the "brake dive" and the "acceleration lift", and firm control in the twisties!!

  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    I also had Progressive rear shocks on my Sporty and loved them.

    I talked to the Progressive rep at last year's Biketoberfest and he was very convincing in that there was NO comparison between the technology in stock HD air shocks vs. the Progressives made for Touring bikes. I know many riders have tried every setting on the air shocks and are still unhappy with the performance. The only thing stopping me from upgrading to Progressives right now is $$$!!!

    As mentioned, they also make a front spring upgrade that significantly reduces front end dive under braking. Probably cheaper to try a heavier weight fork oil first before investing in these.
  7. 89 FXRS

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    I put Progressive 12" 430's on my Roadglide which is one inch shorter then the stock ones and I really like them - I tried the 11 1/2" ones but by the time I adjusted them to where the ride was good them bottomed out with a passesnger on the bike. I think the ride is as good if not better than stock and IMHO it handles better - plus I like being able to put both feet flat on the ground.
  8. Slapp

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    I used both the 412 and the 440 series on my bikes and they both do a fine job. Currently I have a Burley Slam Kit on my EG and love it. Of course when it comes to air shocks you cannot beat the ride. Like I said I love the way my bike feels and rides and all three of the shocks I mentioned will lower your bike and give you a great ride, but if I do it again it will be air adjustable it is just nicer for those long rides.
  9. HDDon

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    I have Progressive Air shocks and the monotube system on my RG (not lowered). I also have Progressive Shocks and front fork springs on my ST. With the performance and customer service I have recieved I doubt I'll ever use anything else.
  10. porterjet

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    I put 12 1/2" 412's on my Ultra just before I sold it (of course). They were fine, you wouldn't think 1/2" just in the rear would make much difference but I was able to get my feet down just that little bit more at the red lights. Subtle, but there was a difference. As far as the ride goes, in just the few miles I had on it I didn't see any big difference one way or the other.

    What was priceless was walking into the local shop about 6 months later and watching the brain surgeons trying to put air into the rear shocks. I gave them about 5 minutes before I reminded them the air shocks were not there any more.