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Problems with 08 road glide

Hey guys ! I have not been on for a while but was wondering if anyone has had the same problems i am having. I have a 08 road glide with bassani slipons and SE heavy breather and PCIII. I never had a issue with the bike with just slipons except the normal heat issues. A few weeks ago i headed out and after 15- 20 miles the bike started backfiring very loud and suddenly just started to die. this happened for the next 10 miles trying to get the bike home. I noticed the RPM gauge even bouncing upward at times and it would die. I sent the bike back to dealer and they had the bike for 12 days and they ran the dyno on the bike again ..they thought i was having a very lean condition. I picked the bike up again Friday evening and could not wait to finally get out and enjoy this 21,000 dollar bike and after 15- 20 miles i craps its self again. Same thing....backfiring and stalling. its just like turning the ignition off and back on and looses all of the power and barley pulls its self...Clears up runs good for a mile and dies again.
Let the bike cool off for a few hours and she runs fine again till i hit 15 or so miles. I called them yesterday and they came and got the bike to try to find out what it is.
Thanks guys i was hoping maybe someone else had the same conditions and found their problems:17:
I love this bike but its at the shop more then its in my own garage
Possibly a bad crank position sensor causing the problem or bad connection to it. Have they checked the battery connections yet?
There is a problem with the fuel pump on the 08's that acts a lot like what you are describing.
Thanks guys for the inputs. i checked the battery myself and the grounds but all seemed tight.They will be getting back on it on Tuesday and i will call the guy and see if he has checked the crank position sensor or the connections. It really is a pain cause you have to ride it for so long to see if something works or not. Im hoping they find the problem soon cause i have a good mountain trip planned towards the end of the month. I will let you know what they do find if they do so maybe someone would not have to go through this.
Thanks guys
Fisher doesn't recommend a "piggyback" since it seems to contribute to this situation. Is the PCIII the only such device, or are all the aftermarket fuel devices considered piggybacks?
Piggyback refers to a unit that changes the signal after it leaves the ECM.

Units like the SERT reprogram the ECM and are not piggyback.

Been many problems with the PC III, quite a few can be traced to the plug on the unit.
I spoke with Robby from Zippers last week and they're halfway there on the ThunderMax for '08 Touring bikes.I also spoke with DynoJet about the PC III for '08 Touring and there's a bug.You can send them the unit and they'll fix it for you.I didn't go that route because of customer impatience.When you experience the problem the tach nosedives?That was part of the issue with the '08 I had.The IAC steps,injector pulsewidth,throttle position and some other parameters went bonkers at the time of the problem on the DT recording.All of those things point at a communications error,probably the intake module though I have no proof.If you must make noise I recommned the SERT or wait for the ThunderMax.Your biggest problem is warranty.If the PC III bugs the ECU it will cost you if the dealer doesn't care for your business.Tread lightly here so the service manager/warranty administrator aren't annoyed with you.It seems they're trying to help you at this point.Problems of this nature are hard to diagnose.Do your best not to anger them or get angry yourself because in the end it is your decision to modify the bike and that can hurt your case.If it's not resolved by the end of the month just go back to stock so your planned trip is not ruined by prolems or worrying about problems.
Hey thanks bro for the input. I must say i told the guy i never had a problem until the pcIII was installed.
I ask him this very question and he said its highly unlikely thats its the PCIII.
I am convinced that is whats going here.
thanks guys for the replys.