Poor gas milage on new '09 FLHTC

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by dbinbc, May 12, 2010.

  1. dbinbc

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    Anyone have any idea why I am getting very poor gas milage on my new '09 Electra Glide Classic that I bought this spring. The '07 Classic that I traded got about 15 miles (imperial) to the gallon MORE than this bike is getting and they were set up as identical as possible. Dealer installed Stage 1, nothing else. The '09 runs great, rides even better but it can't go as far on the bigger tank as the old bike could on the smaller tank. I'm just coming up on the 3000 km mark which is about 1860 miles but by that time on the old bike I was getting very good milage. This bike is not improving like I thought it should. Plugs look good and no soot in the tail pipes to indicate running rich but I'm no mechanic and have no idea at all. Any suggestions for questions that I can take to the dealer would be appreciated.
  2. Subby

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    You didn't say what mileage you're getting. I have an 09 Ultra and at 3000km's I was getting about 48 miles to the gallon. Now, at 17000km's I get up to 51 miles to the gallon on the highway and 48 to 50 around town.
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    I'd personally give it a few thousand more miles before I'd be concerned with it as long as it's running good and plugs look good......My 2007 EGC was only getting in the 30's MPG until I got around 8000-10,000 miles on her, then it jumped up to and stayed at 42-45 MPG..... Now take this next statement for what's it's worth considering the source, my local dealer told me most new scoot's won't get high MPG's (40-50) until around 10,000 miles. Whether or not that is true, I can't say, but I didn't get good mileage on the glide or the Heritage Softail I had before it, until around 10,000 miles.

    JMO and my experience's.
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    These tractors don't even start to run good until you get about 5K on them and they loosen up a bit. The MPG will come around too once they loosen up. Most of the 96 engines will get upper 30's to low 40's for fuel mileage.
  5. ultrat

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    getting 32 this past winter. warmer weather 38 in town & less if i am on throttle 7 k miles on bike. hwy & city 42 i have not done a full tank yet on hwy. i am hoping it will go up. got 51 on 93 flh....motor seams to be loosing up..
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    I only have 3200 miles on my 09 ultra but I have steadily gotten around 36-38 mpg, however, I usually run around 70 mph on the highway and like to get up to the speed limit quickly. I keep telling myself to take it easy on a tank and see what kind of mileage I get but I haven't been able to do that yet.:D:D
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    I'm comparing this bike to the '07 I had during the same conditions. This bike is getting about 45mpg Imperial tops, thats about 37.5 miles per US gallon. Thing is, it is all highway. Every where I go is highway. My '07 was getting a good 10mpg more when it was at 3000 kilometres.

    I can't go as far on this bigger tank than I could on the old bike with its smaller tank. Just a bit frustrating. Thanks for the input. I'll have the dealer check it out on the dyno and see if the mixture is right or whatever it is they do.
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    I was been getting 38 to 40 mpg when new. At 1900 mi. I added a Screeming Eagle air cleaner,Rush Pipes,& a TFI. I now consistantly get 40 to 43 mpg with 4200 mi. It runs well but lacks the POP my 1700 Nomad had.:(

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I would give some thought as to the Blend of Gas.... If high in alcohol or what brand used does make a difference for me.... I do notice a lot of difference in the mileage when High in Alcohol,, mileage Drops big time... Try a different brand of fuel... My 09 FLHR got 46/48 out the door.. Now that is good for some people but it told me it ran Way Too Lean and Hot...
    After a full Stage One and TFI, No lean condition now. I get 41/42...... up and down depending on the gas I buy and the way I twist the right wrist.

  10. Gator454

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    My 09 Ultra I have left it stock for one reason, if you expect to get more power you will have to burn more fuel. Nothing comes for free. Breathing free does have it's benefits as long as you stay off of the throttle. While driving across Canada last summer to Niagara I was able to achieve my best fuel economy, 62 miles per hour and over 50 mpg. I agree with Bubbie, fuel quality has big effects!
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