Past two weeks have not been good

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    It all started when I went to leave work and it was raining sideways (just about) and no rain suit. Hasn't been the first time to ride without one but, I decided to wait for it to slack off some. Probably about eight miles from work the rain had stopped. While riding on the highway my left foot went down some. I looked down and my foot peg had fallen off. It wasn't loose at all. The bolt had snapped. Couldn't stop to look for it since it was rush hour traffic and no need in possibly getting killed over a foot peg. So I get home using my highway bar pegs. No problem, I fixed that. Foot peg didn't quite sit on the frame solid, it sat on the forward control putting stress on the bolt. I think that was the cause for the bolt breaking.

    Next day on the way to work I hear a squeal thinking it was the car next to me. I looked down at my speedo and it isn't working. Has happened before the cable came loose from the speedo. I would fix it when I got to work since I was only a mile or two from there. Took console apart and the cable was still screwed on to the speedo. I thought maybe it jsut wasn't on all the way since it was only on a couple of turns. Left work for home still didn't work. Must be the speedo drive unit. Easy fix again. After going to pick up the parts for that, I was on my way home and started hearing a clicking noise. I have a cover over my rear wheel which comes loose every now and then that needs to be tightened but, this time it sounded different. I thought maybe one of the bolts that holds it together was hitting the frame. I was almost home so as soon as I got home I lifted the rear tire and spun it looking for the bolts to be hitting the frame. Nope had a broken link on my chain. I got lucky making it home I guess.

    So while I'm waiting on my chain to come in I started working on my Suzuki Intruder I have that had been sitting since I was deployed to Cuba for a year. Put a new battary in it and it started up no problem. ALRIGHT, my luck with the bikes has gotten better. Was out riding it to burn out the old gas and was going to go and meet my wife for lunch. A chrome blurr went by I looked back at my handle bars and my left mirror was gone. Bolt broke on it too. Hopefully, I don't have three things go worng with this bike too.

    Needless to say it has been an expensive week or so. I picked up my chain for the Harley and went to install it. Was about to put on the the masterlink. Dang, it was a rivet type master link. Went back to the store I bought the chain to get a clip master link since I don't have the tool to push the rivet in place. I didn't even think to look at the type of master link when I left the store the first time. So I get to the store the tool kit was $90 which I didn't want to spend at the time since I had just bought all my other things for the bike. And of course they did not have the right size master link for my chain. All 520's I needed a 530 go figure. Needless to say after venting a little frustation. The shop hooked me up on the kit for only $30 since it had been on sale recently. So I'm back in business and riding the Harley to work again.

    I know this is a little long but I thought I would share it since all you can do is laugh about it. :laugh
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    You gotta love life.. ride safe. Next week will be better.
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    When it rains it pours!

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    MAN, all the problems and NO Language, Thank You....

    No edits needed and a tough story to tell.. I did smile in a few places though...Sorry...:D

    I had to look at your post count and it said 6,,, Lucky You, not 666..

    You made a hard luck story turn out to a positive feeling..:D

    Thank you for sharing that story. and welcome here to HDT.:newsmile036:

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    I feel for you my friend. Sometimes it feels like one should of just stayed in bed. But then what would life be without the trials that we encounter from time to time. Hope that you have a better week ahead and the scoot runs great for you!
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    We all have those sort of weeks once in a while. As long as you didn't douse it in gas and light it up, you can fix the small things that pop up.:D

    Great story, better times are ahead. They have to be, can't get much worse.:laugh
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    Joe, since it was raining sideways, wasn't that kind of mean. :D

    Ditto, especially about the tough story and no edits. :s

    Glider, he couldn't set fire to it, the driving rain kept putting it out.
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    Bubbie, No problem on sharing the story. It is kind of funny too and thank goodness I'm not on the 666 post. That definitely would have been a sign. Even during the time when everything was going on I didn't cuss. Now when I though I was going to have to buy a $90 tool that I would only use once. Yes, I wasn't happy to say the least especially since I had just bought the chain cutter the week before.

    Glider, Too many wild fires going here to set it on fire the parts were expensive enough. Fees for a lawyer for arson probably would have max'd the credit card. :laugh It's funny that it all happened at once though.
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    Stuff happens to all of us i find that if i keep a cool ish head most issues can be sorted out it just takes a wee bit of time and money
    And i have a spare bike just in case the main one is down

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    I agree. That's why I have the Suzuki. I went to have some work done on my Harley and they wanted $2000 to repair it. I was like for another $2000 I could buy another bike. I looked at another Harley, I believe was a Dyna. They wanted $4500 for it. I got the Intruder for $3800 but was worth at the time $5500. I love riding my Harley but when it's down I can still go riding.

    I also fixed the Harley myself and saved another $2000 too. That shop probably belongs in the not to go to thread.