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    A friend of mine who just recently got back into riding asked me a question the other day . He wanted to know how long i rode on my own before i started bringing passangers along for a ride. Now that was way back when i was young and stupid , and i probably went around the block then said "hey baby wanna go for a ride on my scooter " or somethin stupid like that . I rode my present bike for about six months before i let anyone on the back . What you guys think . He hasnt riden in about twenty years then came home with a Road king . I convinced him to take the riding skills course as well as the traffic course . He seems to be doin alright .
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    Passanger makes a big difference. He needs to be comfortable with his skills before he has a passanger. Also needs to juice up the shocks a little. The RK have air on the back so when you add a passanger, you need to increase the pressure in the shocks. And stopping does take longer.
    Long and short of it, once he is comfortable, he can start the passanger. They do need to have their rules set up as far as her getting on and off, moving around, feet on the boards and all that.
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    I asked the exact same question last year!! I bought my first bike last April after my Riders Edge course. The answer I got was,"Get comfortable with your bike and have confidence in your own riding skills. Then, when you're ready, school the passenger. Lean with you, don't try to counter-balance. Get on, start the bike, straighten it up and then let the passenger on." It seemed to work with no problems.
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    So that afternoon, then ...

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    When I bought my Heritage after not riding for 18 yrs or so, my wife told me she was behind me 100%. She meant that literally.

    I rode it home and from then on she's been on the back. I've only ridden it maybe 30 miles of the 4k without her.

    It is different with a passenger and would have probably been better for me to acclimate myself first, but it is what it is. We've done pretty good so far.
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    I'd been riding an FXRS for years and was quite comfortable riding a passenger, but when I got my RG last spring I told the wife that I needed a bit of time to get used to the difference in weight, etc. After about 3-4 days I was ok with her on the back and we've been on several long trips since then. She's a great passenger and we have a lot of fun on the RG.
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    Gave myself about 500 miles in the Ultra before asking my bride to come along. Fortunately for me, she is a good passenger. Just remember that adding weight, no matter how little does effect the way the bike handles. Seat height for the passenger also has an effect. Take your time and be safe...
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    i have been riding bikes since 76 and taking passengers since 77 (passed test and allowed to have passengers)
    wife wont get on the back of my bike anymore cos she is on her dyna
    but have always had to get comfortable with each bike before taking passengers then each passenger in turn needs to be informed prior to being on the bike on how to be a pillon passenger as to where to hold on and how deal with the bike leaning into corners
    i do prefer them to hold on to me on the first few outings so that i can gauge from them what they are doing the pressure of their hands will tell you if they are going to try not to be in line with the bike then i can compensate

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    After not riding for 8yrs. We picked my bike up in Port Huron,my wife asked me if I wanted to get comfortable first? I said sure! I then drove it from the road where the truck dropped it off into the motel parking lot (100ft.) Then we packed our luggage into it and spent the rest of the day touring home.And I had this smile on my face that no one could have wiped off!:D
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    I probably had about Three Hundred solo miles before I took my wife for a ride. when rideing wheather returns I'll probably do a Hundred or so before I let anyone ride.