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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Mad Dog Jim, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Mad Dog Jim

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    I have found several posts on parade flag mounting for the tour bikes, not much for the Heritage. I surfed the web and the only decent one I'm seeing is again for the tour bikes. So, before I start getting inventive and hitting up my neighbor/fabricator buddy... any suggestions?

    08 FLSTC. Occasionally the flags will fly when I'm dressed out for two-up, and maybe half the time the bike will be stripped down solo. So, I might have to make two different mounts...

    Has anyone on here tackled this kind of project before? Ideas? Suggestions?

    My initial idea is to make one for riding solo, with a peice of inch by 1/4 that would mount to the swing arm but I don't like the idea of lopp-sided weight and stress on that. Second idea is to make a bracket that mounts to the fender struts where the saddle bags bolt on. Just bend a couple peices of 1 x 1/4 in a U shape, drill out mounting holes, weld a strap between them at the top and weld a peice of pipe to that at a slight angle back for the flag pole to sit in. (If I'm good, maybe the flag staff will fit nice and snug in the pipe...

    I will probably just paint what ever I make satin black, but if it turns out really nice, maybe ship it off to be plated...

    What I'm looking for is structural advice. I don't want the thing messing up my bike!
  2. Duane53

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    I have looked also, but have found nothing. I hope someone can help us out.
  3. Mad Dog Jim

    Mad Dog Jim Banned

    I guess I was a bit long winded, but had to describe what I'm after.

    For those gurus who read this, would mounting on the back two fender strut bolts be strong enough? That way I would only need one flag mount. Would work either two up or solo.
  4. wilks3

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    I too would like to be able to fly a 3" x 5" American Flag on PGR runs but havent found anything yet. Alot of people use a trailer mount, take ball off, stick bolt in that has tube welded on top so flag pole fits in. Done right looks good, but trailer mount stays on. Don't like that. Will keep looking.
  5. Breeze3at

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    Here's what I did on my Dyna, certain things will differ on other models. I bought a bicycle flag assembly from Wally World for cheap. It comes with a bracket that the fiberglass pole slips into and bolts to the bicycle axle. My Dyna license bracket has a bolt on the back where the bracket can adjust to the tag a little. I bolt the mount there, and cut the flag pole down to about 3'. I fly flags that are about 12"x 18", and have not had any problem. Oh yea, I cinch the pole to the mount with a zip tie.
    I don't see any balance or stress problem with mounting small flags off set on the bike. I think a US flag should be mounted on right side??
    Smitty posted a good piece on mounting and flying a big flag a while back using (I think) a house mount and pole.
  6. Mad Dog Jim

    Mad Dog Jim Banned

    Correct. Old Glory goes on the right if there are two flags or just the one, but can also be mounted in the center. I will fiddle around with some ideas and when I get done will post up some pictures. I'm hoping to find a 3X5' flag mounted to an 8' pole that can be adjusted down to 4' for traveling. I want to get the wife to make a cover sack to go over the flag when it's rolled up for travel. Then can unroll for parade. Or take it off and expand the pole to 8' for standing the line with PGR.
  7. SeaRider04

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    I made one dual pole for my Heritage, pics will follow latter on.
  8. R_W_B

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    Jim all the ones I've seen on PGR rides are on a luggage rack. And every one of them that I asked where they got it, they either said they made it or a welder fabricator made it for them.

    They mostly are taking two flat straps (stainless) and drilling a attachment bolt hole thru both and hold it on the luggage rack. They then weld a flag mount on the top strap.

    If you don't have a Sissy bar or luggage rack I have not yet seen what they do on that, but I will check now with my stepson who has been on many more PGR rides than me.
  9. bluefilhd

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    I don't know how many of you guys are near a Renagade Classics store. I know they have only a couple dozen stores thoughout the country but I have seen a flag mount set up for sale there. I have an '07 Deluxe and I know it fit my bike from what the label said but I didn't investigate it enough to see how it monted and this was about six months ago when I was last in there. I do like seeing flags on bikes. The store near me doesn't have a website to order from but others might. I guess my point is somebody makes them.
  10. gator508

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    Hey Mad Dog,

    Had the same delima, so here is what I did. Bought several cheepo flags from Ace Hardware, I think they were $1.50 or so. Cut down a little on the pole, I thought it would be too long, and mounted them to my Lazyrider roll bag with zip ties. The roll bag mounts to the bobtail rack. Went for several rides last summer before I had to replace a flag, speeds to about 60 mph at times. If I can find a pic I'll add it to this post. Good luck buddy!