Pain between shoulder blades- change handlebars?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by martysnarf, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. martysnarf

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    I am hoping you guys can give me some advice. I am having tremendous pain between my shoulder blades all of a sudden after riding (which is every day).

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that this could mean my handlebars are too short, or too long- can't remember which.

    Can somebody help? Do I need to bring my hand controls CLOSER to me, meaning that I need longer bars??

  2. Grumpy3

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    I had the same problem, realised I was leaning down on the grips. Loosened the bars and rotated them up slightly and problem solved. Might be worth a try.
  3. glider

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    A set of heritage bars would probably do the trick for you. Some mod to the end for the fly by wire would be necessary unless they have that model available for your bike now with the provisions for the FBW.
  4. Crocker

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    If handlebar adjustment does not work out ,look in to a riders backrest that does it for me
  5. OUTLAW-13

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    I had the same problem going round trip from ohio to florida. I have an ultra classic and i bought the bars with the same stock look, they just have a 1" extention on them where the grips are, which brings the bars closer to you. Haven't had any problems since. Hd has them listed in their p&a book. Hope this helps.
  6. B-1B_Guy

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    Had same problem, pullback bars, reach seat and backrest fixed me right up. Ran for 16 hours last Friday and felt pretty good afterwards. Got up and rode again the next morning. Wife and I did 1825 miles in 3 days and felt were slightly sore but we didn't hurt.
  7. martysnarf

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    I have a backrest, so that's not it. On my previous scoot (Road King), I had the Touring Pullback bars, and I still had the problem. When I got the new Street Glide, I didn't have the problem the first week or so. Now the problem has returned, and it's REALLY a problem.

    I am tall; 6'2", so I don't think I need a reach seat or anything. I am not sure what to do, and I don't want to ask the Dealer b/c they will just try to sell me something. I have heard great things about the Wild One Chubby handlebars, but I am not sure that only 1" closer to me will make that much of a difference??

    Thanks for the info guys- keep it coming if you have more ideas. THANKS!!
  8. eyemansfm

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    try klockwerks I replaced the bars on my 09 Road Glide, moved them closer about 3" and a little wider too big difference mid shoulder blade pain gone good luck
  9. larryjmiller

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    I had the same problem several months ago. About a week after a long ride, pain so bad I couldn't stand up after sitting for a while. Dr. gave me muscle relaxers. I bought the Heritage bars from the dealer ~$100. Bought the bars and one new hand grip and a tube of glue. Glued the grip on the new bars the night before I installed them. Same overall length of handlebars end to end but distance between bars at neck shorter which makes the bars longer towards the rider. You do not have to change any cables or wiring.

    Job is pretty easy, just take your time and remember to place a 1/8" shim between the front brake lever and the switch in the clamshell before you loosen the screws. See the tech manual for details.

    This setup really reduced the pain but on long rides, I still felt a little uncomfortable in the upper back. If I raised my hand an inch or so above the hand grips it felt better. So recently I raised the bars one inch as measured from the garage floor to the bottom of the handgrips. Seems to have worked. Took a long ride and no pain what so ever.

    These adjustments are just time consuming taking the headlight nacelle apart but it isn't hard. I place a folded towel on my front fender before I start to lay the headlamp assembly on so I don't scratch the fender.
  10. Redman

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    My wife the massage therapist has an exercise that will relieve the pain...I also have had this with many bikes. The key is, from a physiological standpoint, you are internally rotated...for me it gets so bad it feels like a broadsword is beiing pushed through my back. Here is what you can do; Stand in a doorway and reach across your chest with right or left arm...grab the doorframe and pull...then move that hand up and down the doorframe stopping to pull along the do other arm. You will feel it pull those knots out and reposition your muscles on either side of your scapula. This will help alot but you may still want to check out the others advice as well. My brother who was a Gold medalist in Kayaking uses this as well as he gets a similiar strain from having those arms and shoulders internally rotated. Hope this helps.:s