Old tires - not a happy camper!

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    Well it is getting close to time to change out my tires. I want to try the Pirelli Night Dragons. I have been buying my tires from The Motorcycle Superstore because they used to put me on hold while the CSR called the warehouse and got the mfg. date of the tire(s) they were going to send me. When I called this time, they have grown "too big" to do that anymore since the tire warehouse is located somewhere else (no telephones I guess). Anyway, because they were not offering me something that differentiated them from the competition, I decided to try Bike Bandit instead. They were cheaper for both the front and rear tires. So I called them to see it they could put me on hold and check the tire mfg. date. No, they do not do that.

    OK. So I told the guy that I do not accept tires that are more than a year old when they get to my house. I said I would reject the shipment if that was the case. So I ordered the tires, a helmet for my 4 year old son, and a fork oil air space tool.

    Tonight the tires and helmet arrived, and you guessed it - rear tire had a mfg. date of 1109. Front was good at 2111, but I had to reject both because they were in the same package. So I am sending back the tires and the helmet.

    Guess I will go back to MSS and see what they can do!!

    Very frustrating. So I am taking Bike Bandit off the list of suppliers I will use.

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    TQ is there a Cycle Gear store near you???? I have one down the road from me and they will match any advertised price and I can see the tires for myself.

    Cycle Gear
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    A 1109 tire (11th week of 2009) is almost 3 years old. Hard to believe existing stock can get that old. I don't blame you for sending it back.

    How does it work when the package comes to the house? You just tell UPS you are not accepting it even though it is pre-paid? Or was it a COD shipment?
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    Maybe you can use the strength in numbers scenario. Let them know there are, as of today, 56,040 forum members watching how they handle your request to give you the manufacturing dates.

    I have used MSS numerous times for tires as well as other items and will continue to do so if they step up. Hope they make it right for you.
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    Yeah, there is one about 10 miles away. I will give them a try.


    I have to carry it over to the UPS distribution center and tell them I am rejecting it. It was not signed for, just left at the door.


    To be clear, this stuff was ordered from BikeBandit.com. I am returning the stuff to them and then ordering from MSS unless I can find live and in-color at Cycle Gear as suggested above.

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    Good Luck TQ! I have bought stuff from Cycle Gear (near Sharpstown) many time and am very satisfied. They will indeed match any advertised price, even one from the web that you show them on your phone, or they have even looked at the URL I gave them, once they even just took my word for it with no questions asked.

    They are also a great bunch of guys and very knowledgeable. They will accept anything back that is not to your complete satisfaction. When you take the MSF course they give you a 20% discount off anything when you show them your certificate. I bought a really nice Seven-O-Seven helmet and armored jacket on sale and got the 20% on top of that.

    If you utilize them I'd be interested in knowing how your experience goes.
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    do you save a lot of money by buying your tires on line?
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    For instance I purchased 2 tire for my 08 EG in April 2011 at Cycle Gear which they matched prices I found at other suppliers.

    Cycle Gear Price $112.89 matched to $98.12 MT90-16F
    $135.99 matched to $119.57 MU85-16R

    Compared against Harley shop even on Cycle Gear origonal price I bet I saved at least $90.00 for the pair at a Harley dealer.......
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    Please allow me to show how ignorant I am. I had no idea you should check the dates on tires. Didn't even know it was printed on them. So one year is the accepted expiration date on them? I mean it makes sense, just never thought about it. :newsmile081:
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    Careful - it's amazing what you can learn if you hang around too much here!