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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by jimd3246, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. jimd3246

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    Hello Guys,
    I'm a frequent lurker and haven't posted before. I've spent a lot of time reading here. Now, I've got a problem.
    When I bought my 09' Ultra I had the dealer install a HD oil temp gauge. I have now decided to add a HD Premium Oil Cooler. So, when I now go to install the new Oil Cooler adapter plate, I find that the dealer has installed my oil temp gauge sending unit to an identical appearing adapter plate all ready mounted. Obviously the sending unit has to be moved and I need suggestions for an alternate location to install the temp gauge sending unit.
    I traced out the wiring and the isn't enough slack to route to the oil pan drain area. Wondering if I could install a "Tee" from the right or left outlet on the new oil cooler adapter plate. Posted this on another forum and recommendations were all to go to the oil pan. Wondering about any alternative suggestions from you knowledgeable wrenches. Thanks all.
  2. kemo

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    Why splice a wire to make it long enough to reach the pan. Solder the wires together and use a shrink to seal the splice.
  3. glider

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    Install it in the opening next to the drain plug and do as Kemo said above or run another longer wire to it then install the oil cooler adapter.
  4. The4opps1

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    Installed mine next to the drain plug and I am happy with the install and the performance....
  5. JimTexD

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    Installed mine next ti the oil drain plug and it works like a champ!:D
  6. jimd3246

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    Thanks, all

    Did the installs today (to the oil pan plug, for the temp gauge). ran the wires up the rt frame, inside a conduit. Looks good and no leaks (yet) from either the temp gauge sending unit or from the oil cooler. Did have to replace the oil cooler hose clamps because I stripped two. Put on 4 stainless clamps.
    Thanks all.:)