oil leak, 2012 ultra

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by wildey, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. wildey

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    Well I can't buy anything new and not have something wrong with it.

    Got our new Ultra last Sat, only 450 miles on it now and I have a burned out spot lamp, No rubber seal around the headlight and a big oil leak.

    This leak is on top and the bottom of the oil pan. I checked to see if the oil filler cap was loose and its not and the filler neck is dry.

    But on top of the case and all below it theres enough oil that when I got home and stopped I saw some smoke and it was oil dripping onto the hot pipe.

    Anyone else had this problem? Im taking it back to the dealer this week anyway for a stage 2 upgrade so they will get this under warranty.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Wow - I can't imagine what would cause that big of a leak on a brand new bike. Something major missed on the PDI?

    Please let us know how this is resolved.
  3. STEVE07

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    It sounds like the oil pan is loose and the oil is coming from the gasket area and running down the pan.
    Not much of a dealer PDI on that one.I think I would be checking every bolt and adjustment myself.Just for my own peace of mind.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Saying ON TOP and Bottom of the oil pan?

    IF the gaskets (one or all) on the lifter Push-rod Tubes were installed IN-correctly or missing "0" rings, OIL would come down and cover that area also...

    Man what a Nightmare... Check the area while running.. Problem is on that area, It takes a while before the lifters get enough oil to flow back down the tubes past the Could Be problem of a missing "0" ring or NOT installed properly push-rod tube.:newsmile08:

    One thing, They will find the problems and Fix them.

    They BETTER!!!!:newsmile055:

  5. lakeforktx

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    1,850 on mine ...no trouble so far, knock on wood. Other than a loose turn signal bulb...leaving in the am. for a tour of the Texas Hill Country.. will be riding it hard...loving it so far...but it makes a lot more noise than the 04 did, learning to ignor it and just ride... keep us posted on the fix.. :s
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  6. dbmg

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    This maybe way wrong but have you checked to see if oil is overfilled????:s
  7. wildey

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    I have checked the primary cover and its bone dry. I looked in the owners manual where it says if you over filled the oil it goes to the air cleaner. So I pulled the.cleaner and its bone dry too.

    So now that its on the trailer in the sunlight I could get a better look. I'm wondering if it came out the oil dip stick. I swear I didn't overfill it as I added oil yesterday after 1 hr of riding in 55 degree weather. I filled it shy of full hot on the jiffy and made sure of that it was the right mark of the two

    It was shy of the half full mark hot before I added any.

    Could it come past the O ring on the dip stick even though it was tight? Could it of still been not hot after an hour ride at 60 mph?

    I also don't recall seeing oil before I filled it!

    Now im really questioning myself. I have never over filled any motor and this is my 3 rd Ultra over the yrs.

    Im beginning to wonder if this one just doesn't like to be at the full mark?
  8. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Let the dealer figure this out for you let your warranty work, and have them do a PDI while you wait:s Did you say on the trailer? Seems they should com get it JMO
  9. dbmg

    dbmg Guest

    My thought is between the 2 lines is normal operating level. If between lines how much did you add? For if you added say almost a quart to bring it up to full hot there may not be enough room for expansion and the oil may burp out...:s
  10. wildey

    wildey Active Member

    Ok got it. It was a pinched oring behind the starter which was leaking the oil. I can't buy anything new and not have something wrong with it.

    Stage 2 upgrade is going in and should be down tomorrow or Sat.

    Can't wait,