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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tlyoungb, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. tlyoungb

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    I just not long ago had the Air and Oil Gauge installed. The question is should I also change the oil sending unit? Is there a difference in the oil sending unit that came with the gauge, or is it ok to use the old one.
  2. Doug_09ultra

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    If a new sending unit came with the gauge, why did they not install it? Did the dealer install the gauge or another shop? I would rather be safe than sorry. Install the sending unit that came with the gauge. My 2 cents.
  3. TQuentin1

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    Not sure I even understand the question. The original gauge in your dash was an air temp gauge, right? You replaced that with an oil temp gauge. This would have had a sending unit that threads into the oil pan or an adapter at the oil filter. What other sending unit are you referring to? The air temp gauge did not have one, at least not on my bike when I changed it out.

    To help with this, can you post some pix of what you are referring to?

  4. kemo

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    TQ the o/p has an E/G standard. It doesn,t come with the oil pressure or air temp guages. If the pressure is reading on the oil pressure guage properly I would not change it. Do both senders look the same. If so they are the same.
  5. Joe2007ultra

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    Most senders are calibrated to match an indicator. If the sender part numbers are not the same I would install the one that came with the oil gauge.
  6. glider

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    I would use the sending unit that came with the gauge. All sending units are not the same even if they look alike.
  7. smkinnan

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    the real question is would the little bit it will cost to install the sending unit be worth the price of possible damage if it isn't working properly? It would drive me crazy not to know that it wasn't 100% accurate (well, pretty close anyways) ;)
  8. tlyoungb

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    Yea I typed that question in pretty late last night, so it may not be clear. I have an 05 Electra Glide Standard, and no they don't come with the Air or Oil pressure gauges installed. So I purchased the two gauges as a set from Harley Davidson Catalog. I had another shop install these gauges.

    So when I picked up the bike I didn't notice it until now. I got to thinking. "Humm why did they not put the new sending unit on when they put the oil gauge in." So I started thinking. The current oil sending unit is for the light on the dash, and not for a gauge. So the question is. Are the two sending units different? Is the oil sending unit for the light on the dash different from the oil sending unit that comes with the oil pressure gauge? If so, then I will replace the old one with the new one. I just want to make sure I am getting correct reading on the Oil pressure gauge.

    According to the Maint. Manual for the 05 EGS oil pressure is @ 2000 RPM pressure should be between 30 to 40 PSI. Currently I am only getting 32, and then after it warms up I am getting just 30 at higher RPMS. I don't know, this is like all new to me. That is when I started thinking. Has to be the sending unit. That is the only link to the engine and the Oil Pressure gauge.

    Man I have 47k on this bike. She runs great. Last time I took it in for two new tires the mech. listen to the engine and said the engine sounded great. Must be the synthetic oil I am using.
  9. 02glide

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    tlyoungb, I have a eg standard and installed the air and oil gauges, I don't know how the oil gauge would work at all if the sending unit was not replaced, the original unit (on my bike) was just a simple on with no pressure / off with pressure switch for the light. the new unit looks totally different with a multi connector and the old one just had one lead. Hope this helps.
  10. tlyoungb

    tlyoungb Junior Member

    Hey 02glide, You say you installed your's yourself? Question. How how did you wire it up? I have the wire that came with the unit, and where there any connections in the fairing for hooking it up?