Oil cooler?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by DynaBob09, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. DynaBob09

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    My fatBob runs about 275-280 on oil temp while cruising in moderatly hot weather. I have a 103 build and notice all the new Harley's with 103's come stock with an oil cooler. Should I spend the money??
  2. 2006FXDCI

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    Absolutely! Get yourself a Jagg cooler with built in thermostat and run full synthetic in the motor.
  3. RibEye

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    What kind of tuning do you have? (dyno and SERT, piggyback, etc.). If you had it built personally, then I am guessing it has been tuned to optimum, so this probably does nto apply for you. I just want to say that fattening up the fuel, from the factory lean condition, did more for cooling than the oil cooler did. I recommend both, but the most bang for the buck was in the adding of fuel. Mine was running at just about where yours is, and now runs at right about 230. That is in 100+ ambient temps, in Tucson.

    By the way, I recommend the Jagg 10-Row Vertical. It mounts up and parallel to bike travel, so it is no subject to potential damge from thrown rocks. It has a wing that mounts to the front, which causes the air to be drawn through it, and it works and looks great. Get the thermostat offset adapter, and ensure that you get the anti-rotation bracket. I don't want to concider what a pain filter changes would be without the anti-rotation bracket.

    Rich P
  4. glider

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    Excellent suggestion Rich.

  5. doctordoug

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    Before you waste your money on the adaptor with the thermostat call Jagg and ask them if they recommend it. Marv will tell you that you don't need it but he will take your money if you go against their recommendations. Check their FAQ on their website. It may take an extra couple of minutes to warm up but do ANY Harley's run below 185 degrees? Maybe in Alaska.
  6. Ultra Classic

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    I plan on buying the same one but just curious on why you choose the offset thermostat?
  7. R_W_B

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    The Jagg is a good cooler but unless things have changed by the time you pay for the cooler and the bracket that keeps it from coming loose when you unscrew your oil filter then the HD cooler is cheaper.
  8. RibEye

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    I spent the extra on the chrome one. I'm just like that.

    I use the thermostat adapter, since I do ride year round, and it does not pass oil through the cooler until the oil hits 190 degF. I only ride 6 miles to and from work, and I want the oil up to full temp, or as close as possible, by the end of each run. The thermostat does that for me, even and especially, in winter (Tucson). No milky oil for me...ever.

    As for the offset type adapter, that enables me to remove the OEM chrome oil filter, without having to remove the crank position sensor first. An adapter moves the oil filter just enough out so that there is not enough room to fully unscrew the filter without hitting the sensor. The offset adapter, lifts the oil filter away from the crank position sensor, so it will come all the way off and you can get a filter removal tool on there without risk to the sensor.

    The anti-rotation bracket only costs a couple of bucks, and keeps the adapter from coming loose, when you spin off the filter. The adapter spins on where the filter originally goes, and the filter spins on to it. Without the little anti-rotation bracket, the adapter will come loose every time you spin off a filter that has been on a while, and you will have to find a way to tighten it back up, which is a real pain. The bracket nips that in the bud.

    As you can tell, I really cogitate on stuff before I invest and install. It surely paid off this time.

    Rich P
  9. brownfoxx1

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    when assembling the hi-pressure hoses (you can get at NAPA) to the oil cooler use PEX clamp , they really look great & don't leak. Just remember to butter lube the male hose fittings with automotive sealant first.
    on the filter end use the spring wing clamps p/n 10354. the reason i use them on the oil filter end is you can remove them easily if need be, and 2. its hard to get the PEX ratchet in there, (not enough room) to operate ratchet.
    just some ideas.
  10. R_W_B

    R_W_B Senior Member

    Just for comparison

    Jagg Horizontal Mount Chrome Oil Cooler
    Dennis Kirk Part #: 491650
    Manufacturer Part #: 1280

    Jagg Oil Cooler Adapter w/Auto Thermostat
    Dennis Kirk Part #: 492469
    Manufacturer Part #: 4700
    Type: Oil Filter Mount

    Total $379.xx
    OR if you forego the thermostat -------------------

    Jagg Offset Oil Filter Adapter
    Dennis Kirk Part #: H49268
    Manufacturer Part #: 4600
    $109.95 Total $339.xx
    HD oil cooler complete with thermostat $236.34
    $236.34SKU: HD-26151-07
    KIT OIL COOLER DYNA at Zanotti's (not local)