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    I have a 09 Classic and I would like to put an oil cooler on,A buddy of mine told me that these can cause ciculation problems in Cold weather 30-40 Deg F ( 0-5 deg C for us Canadians) I run synthetic oil. Any thoughts?

    Just waiting for the(EDIT) Snow to go.

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  2. kemo

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    The Harley issue oil cooler has a built in thermostat. It dosen't open until 180*
  3. Porter

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    There is a tremedous amount of info on oil coolers in the Self Help Section.

    My opinion:
    1.) You are runng full synthetic (like Mobile 1 or something): you don't NEED one. Change your oil often and you will be fine. Find your own schedule for changing. For me in MD (~20F in winter and +90 in Summer) with a 100 mile daily commute, I change every 5K miles in the winter and every 3K in Summer (Temps above 70F).

    2.) Oil coolers typically come with a valve (automatic or manual) that shunt the oil from the cooler when it is cold and then opens the circuit when it is hot. ~180F is the typical actuation temp. Other than that, I can't see any issues with flow or the restricting of circulation that is significant to worry about.

    3.) Oil coolers typically get you (from the literature) about a 10-15 degree difference. Does that really matter? Here you will get the arguments about oil temp (in the pan) vs. temps at the heads and other areas. Oil coolers don't work unless you are moving, so traffic jams are still and issue.

    4.) How much do you ride and for how long on a typical ride? 1/2 hour trips?
    You are just getting to temp at that point, don't bother. 1+ hours: it could make a difference but if I am assuming correctly that Canada has probably 7 days above 85F a year, your Syn Oil keeps on lubing up to 300F before it starts to break, typical engine oil temp on a 75F day is ~230F at highway speeds AND HD's are made to run pretty hot (since there are not hundreds on the side of the road, melted every summer in the US) you don't really NEED an oil cooler.

    5.) But, I think they look nice, so I will probably have one at some point:D! The only thing I REALLY NEED is to ride... the rest....BIG WANTS! Toys are fune!!!!!!!!!:s
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    I put 25,000 kilometres on my '09 EGC last season including some pretty hot riding down through Kentucky and SD etc, never had a heating problem. Run synthetic oil. Oil cooler not needed but it its something you want, then go for it. Won't really do much in stop and go city traffic so it comes down to what you want on your bike.
  5. martin14

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    It's Canada, you dont need an oil cooler.

    Florida yes, Spain yes, Middle East yes.
  6. texas tom

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    What if he accidently rides out of canada?
  7. martin14

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    With the state of the US - Canada border, it won't be an 'accident', that's for sure. :)

    But if he makes it to Texas, I'm sure someone will have one waiting for him.
  8. Jick Scott

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    I live in southeast Texas, run regular oil, no oil cooler and ride year round. Change oil every 2,500 miles and never had a problem. But like Smitty and so many others say, it's your bike, do what you think is best.
  9. oldhippie

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    I looked into this for recommendations before I bought my Ultra and went with an oil cooler. Sure you could get away without having one, but the piece of mind it brings is worth it. It'll give you that extra leeway in mileage between oil changes when doing a long trip. I'd look at the UltraCool one with the fan assisted cooling if I were to replace my HD brand one.

    And like Kemo says, built in thermo takes care of any circulation problems during cold weather.

    One of the deciding factors was reading an article by Donny Peterson and he basically stated (if I remember correctly) the TC96 should've come standard with an oil cooler because of the heat from them.
  10. wildman9

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    I installed a jagg one last year without the thermostat and have had no problems.