oil cooler fan or engine fan?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bozgolf, Mar 10, 2011.

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    I was at Daytona Beach for Bike week this past weekend and was caught in traffic and my ultra started to overheat and was able to shut it down before it got to hot. The ultra has the 103 motor and the stock oil cooler which i plan on keeping. Right then I decided to was going to find some way to keep the bike cool. After doing research on the the internet I found that there were two ways to keep the bike cool. My question which is better for the motorcycle the engine fan that is from HD or Lenale or the oil cooler fans from big sky and other companies. I was leaning toward the oil cooler fans but was looking for pros and cons for both.
  2. HDDon

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    I'm with you on the oil cooler fan. Oil is what cools and lubricates the engine. While the bike is moving air thru the cooler helps keep the engine temps down, once you stop the oil cooler can do only minimal work.
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    I agree, the Harley motor is NOT oil cooled, it is oil lubricated, air cooled. The Victory motor is oil/air cooled...different design. Cooling your oil wont hurt but I would bet cooling the jugs would help a little more in stop and go.
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    I thought the 96 Twin Cam was designed with oil spray under the cylinders? While not a full on oil cooled design, I believe it is partially oil cooled in that respect. Doesn't help the cylinder head area, I know.
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    Overheating at Daytona is easy to do. Run a good synthetic like mobil1 vtwin to help.

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    There is really no easy solution... blowing air between the cylinders will help, but, that's only about 20% of the surface area on the jugs. Better than nothing.
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    was down there my self and had a good time. I have a 2011 Road Glide and did not have any problem with over heating at all. Only thing over heating was me.
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    Do you have a power commander or some other fuel management devise on the bike? One of these along with true dual helps with engine heat. Also synthetic oil is supposed to run cooler.
  9. Hoople

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    Is your EITMS feature enabled? It may not be because some bikes that leave the showroom are not. Without it turned on, you would not even know the engine was overheating (or trying to tell you it was overheating).

    It is hard for me to imagine a late model (post 2006) 96 or 103 NOT overheating in non moving traffic.
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    Really curious here - what was the bike actually doing that prompted you to shut it down? I was at Bike Week with 2 Street Glides, a Deluxe, and a FLHTK like yours. The SG's and Deluxe had no fans or coolers at all. We all got caught in some traffic at times and none of us came close to overheating. Do you have any kind of fuel tuner that might be set way too lean? Of course, we left on Tuesday and the weather got warmer after we left so that's probably part of it. Again, I'd love more details of what actually happened and what the symptoms were.