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Discussion in 'Oil' started by B.BEAR, Nov 10, 2009.

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    When asking around, I get varying opinions on oil consumption, some say their bikes use none others say they do - Had 2 new Softails, both used some, - couple of my buddies have 06 Softail Std (16000kms) and 08 Dyna Lowrider (13000kms) both claim dont use any - My old Softy would go for a while use nothing then all of a sudden take a drop - whats considered normal usage?
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    It all depends on the miles at the time and HOW it was broken in. If a bike is babied on break in chances are that it will use oil longer before the rings seat in. Generally in a few thousand miles the rings should have taken a seat and it shouldn't use oil.

    Here's something to read on breakin...

    Engine Break In For New Motors - Harley Davidson Community
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    I got a 94FLSTC with remanufactured evo from factory. Before reman it would go 2500mi and use 2 to 3 oz of oil. Between 2500 and 3000mi, when I changed oil it would use 6 to 8oz of oil. After reman it does about the same thing. I just consider it a good reminder to change the oil. My 05FLTRI uses about 4oz of oil every 3000mi.
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    Just like a car engine (sort of) Depends on the break in and care. All are different but as told here, if done properly and all is well within, no measurable consumption should be realized from what I have read here. If it is measured in ounces after 1000's of miles, I would consider that no usage IMHO.
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    I think Walley tells it like it is. If you were burning quarts then you have a problem. I do differ with the guru's here whom I hold in the highest respect. The Evolution and Twin Cams piston rings do not break in. The cylinders when cold are barrel shaped though you can't see it. When they get hot they become an even shape. Breaking in rings is acually putting wear on the rings. They do not wear in. For the life of the engine they can move around and keep the oil from the top of the cylinder. If you do burn oil then look for a leak that is blown away while riding. The valve guides have seals and they can become old and crack. Take a compression and leak down check and see that both cylinders are the same. Fossil
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    I have an 09 ultra with 17k miles and it uses no oil between changes.
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    interested to know How did you break in your Ultra? - do you change oil every 5000 miles as recommended by H.D. or sooner ?
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    2900kms so far, used about 5ozs or 100mls past 1500kms - still running in ? - likely to improve ? - is it worth using 30/60/30 method at this stage
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    15K on an '08 Dyna, 30K on an '08 Ultra. Neither uses any oil that I can detect. Change it every 5K like the manual states.
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    16500 on my o5 heritage and it goes down about 1/8 an inch before an oil change every 5k and I use mobil 1.