Oh Man, which slip-ons?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by unwwwired, Feb 12, 2010.

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    First of all, I just want to thank everyone who has helped me before, offering their experience and wisdom in questions that often cannot be sought and anwered any other way. You, collectively make a wonderful resource for the rest of us.

    With all the choices out there, how in the world does one have any idea what slip-ons to consider? Is is simply being lucky enough to have the right mix of freinds with a diversity of their own installations and opionions - or can it be more technically assessed than that?

    I mean, you can't try them on for sound, like going into a fitting room and trying on a pair of pants before you buy them.

    I would love to hear what helped make YOUR decisions for YOU.
  2. Bud White

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    sure ya can try um on for sound .. got to a rally or show and listen .. check here and you tube for vids .. i wnt by look and sound
  3. walleye

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    Best way is to go to a local biker hangout or to a rally and listen. I actually found a bike that had V&H 2-1 Pro Pipes and waited till the guy who owned come around. I asked if I could hear them and he fired it up. I had already did the homework on preformance, I liked the sound and to this day think they were the best pipes I ever owned. I had the same bike as he did, a softail Deluxe. They were great looking, sounding and preforming pipes for that particular ride. It is an expensive lesson to buy pipes prior to hearing them. It is a individual taste that only you can answer. It is worth waiting and getting it right. Don't ask me how I know that..... :)
  4. Chopper

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    Vance & Hines used to have a sound bit on their site so you could listen to the pipes before you bought them, maybe they still do? My wife love it and that's how she picked her pipes, I think over the puter sounds just depends how good your speakers system is. Most pipes will perform ball park, who cares about 1, 3 or 5 hp, My bikes not running in a quarter mile race, I use to advise my customers to come to a HOG meeting or a event, look & listen, that's what matters to most people, looks & sound. The price of a quality set of mufflers these days you want to get it right the first time. I have a harder time finding what I like because I want to be the only person around with that pipe. And sound is important because I don't have a stereo, the pipes are my music & I have been known to make a second trip through a parking lot just to set one more car alarm off. Picking a set of pipes is a personal thing because your bike is a reflection of yourself, or at lease I think that's what we all want it to be.
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    I agree with what Chopper wrote above. Best bet is to go look and listen to what other folks have on their bikes that are like yours. Not guessing then!!

  6. KingHeritage

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    Be careful of other opinions.I purchased a set of Rush slip-ons on the recomendation of someone else before hearing them and ended up not liking the sound.Now my 350.00 mufflers sit resting comfortably in their original box under my workbench.You live and learn!
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    I think every harley owner loves to hear his/her bike. so if you ask if they can start it for you, they will be more than happy.
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    Hi to all. I'm new on this forum. I recently acquired a 2009 Black Pearl Ultra Classic (first fuel injected bike for me) and was surprised how quiet it was AND the slight lag in the throttle response. I was used to my 90 Fatboy's almost instantaneous response.

    Went to a local shop and was able to hear a few bikes there. One had a Rinehart True Dual setup and the other had the Vance Hines True Dual setup.

    I went with the Vance Hines setup. They both sounded great but the Vance Hines system uses their own Fuel Pak system where Rinehart I do not believe has their own fuel pak. For both setups there they used the K&N high flow air filter.

    I was told that both these true dual setups will eliminate that throttle lag. Anyone out there have some miles under their belt with either of these systems and can give me their opinions and thoughts about them?


    The New Guy
  9. Chopper

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    Welcome to the forum Floridanative, I think the vance & hines has the best fit on the bike along with a good tone. I felt just the opposite with the new throttles, I thought the response was almost too sensitive and took a little getting use to. I'm sure others will ring in that run those pipes and give there input. Ride safe
  10. SamF

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    Well you can listen to other bikes to get an idea but until you get them on your bike, while you ride it, you wont really know if you like em. I would suggest buying used, if you dont like em take em off and sell them for basically a loss on shipping....or in many cases no loss at all.