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    I have a 2011 Limited with 23K. I have this metallic raddle noise that I only hear on the left side. Doesn't matter what gear, and the noise intensify's as you reach higher rpms before shifting into the next higher gear. It was there when I purchased the bike in Oct. 2010. It has gotten louder the past three weeks. Initally the HD service told me thats just normal harley engine noise. I have a feeling that it could be the rollers on the lifters or the tranny. I have lots of wrenching experience on cars, so not sure if my hunch is correct. Does anyone have any feed back?
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    Your lifters are located on the right side of the motor. We just had a member with noise in the front end and it turned out to be a loose bolt on the front of the gas tank.
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    For the cost of a quart of oil, I would take the primary cover off and take a look. I have re-used the primary cover gasket without a problem with leaks. Take a look at the compensator for "rocking slack". It should be tight when at rest. This will give you a chance to see if auto chain tensioner is working properly.

    I would have no problem starting the engine with the cover off just to see where this noise is coming from. You won't hurt anything by running it for 20 seconds with the cover off.
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    Hoople is correct you will do no damage if you run it for a short period, but you might want to fashion something to keep the oil contained that will sling off the primary chain and clutch basket.
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    I agree with Hoop and Don, but you may find it's just the primary noise. It can be kinda loud on some bikes. I never heard mine till I got quiet baffles on my pipes, now I hear it.
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    Have the service manager get involved with this one it is under warranty. If he balks try another dealer
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    I have had my 2011 ultra classic for five months. The bike has been in the shop 5 times for different problems. First the primary was making a clanking noise (compensator bolt loose) and the clutch needed adjusted with only 78 miles on it. Then the clutch basket needed bolts tightened. Then clackity intermittent noise that we found to be a lifter collapsing (four new lifters). This bike with 3k on it is the loudest noise making bike I have ever had. The only good thing about the bike is the new frame is tight and handles like a dream. I have had shovels, evo's and TC's but this bike makes more engine, tranny and primary noise than any other bike I have had. I am now hearing compensator or transmission clunking and more engine clatter when ridding. I have had bikes with the batwings but never had the lowers so i dont know if I am hearing extra noise from having lowers or not? The dealer has told me that it sounds normal but then they fix something when I bring it back in for the same noise as the first complaint (that sounds normal). I am going to have another dealer look at the bike and see what they say. I should have kept my 2006 and just added a dd6 trans. I would not buy another new bike untill all the noise demons are gotten rid of. I have a 2009 fatboy 96 that sounds 10 times better than this bike, even with the older, banging on startup, compensator. I am not happy with this bike and may get rid of it and go back to an older one. The 96, cruise drive 6 speed and se compensator that this bike is said to have does not leave me warm and fuzzy. Just my rant on the noise issue for the new $22,000 noise machines.
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    I have an '08 SG with 57,000 miles. Took 43,000 miles with a Baker DD7, SE Compensator, Spectro Oil and a lot of HDTimeline but have been completely satisfied the last 14,000 miles and will not cough this bike up for the new frame.:s
    The best to ya' bro,
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    My 2010 Ultra Limited with 34000 miles is back in the shop for noise. Had most of the primary parts replaced under warranty at 22000 miles after the complaining to the 1st dealer at 1000 miles, he claimed all was fine so I rode it till it broke. Lost a front right side wheel bearing at 28,000 miles. Had to leave the bike 100 miles from home for another dealer to fix. Now I took it back with what sounds like collapsed lifters...I'll been waiting for a week...good thing I have a back up bike to ride. I can't keep the clutch adjusted making neutral hard to find. I was thinking it was me, but starting to think the cluth was was replaced when the compensator went, has a problem. I have no faith in the auto primary chain adjuster doing what it should do by normal riding. So more noise.

    Have to say that I miss my 2003 Road King for solid dependability and it's hard pulling from a dead stop.