no sert or power commander required?!?

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    in another post i had complained about fresno harley and what a bad dealership they were, which brings me to this topic, i drove on over to mathews harley who have been in fresno since 1954 the only reason i didn't buy my 07 streetbob from them was just straight up price they don't do the volume of fresno hd so my bike was a couple of grand less from those boneheads

    anyway i was at mathews and we started talking about exhausts on the efi system and he says his shop doesn't even recommend race tuners or the like throw whatever pipes and air cleaner you want on there the o2 sensors will make the proper adjustments automatically i had heard this before but never from a harley rep so is this sert power commander thing just another money making scam for us hapless harley owners or what
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    The 02 sensors are narrow band units and cannot compensate for the addition of the intake and exhaust. If you follow their lead, you will more than likely run very lean and damage will probably result from it.

    I like the TFI like posted above to richen things up without the expense of the SERT or dyno runs.
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    I'd call the dealer out on that one! I'd tell them I was going to put the pipes and air cleaner on, bring the bike down and have them hook it up to exhaust sniffer to see what the AFR is.:eam: See what they tell ya then.:55:
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    It is my understanding that the stock ecu will adjust within reason. I doubt the bike would run correctly with no air clearner or drag pipes. Of course this adjustment is back to the stock settings so if you are not happy with the way the bikes runs before the mods, I doubt you will be happy after.

    I don't claim to know buth this is what American Iron says and I figure they know something. Then again I am happy with a stock bike so it doesn't matter to me.
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    Even if you just do slip-ons and an intake like an Arlan Ness Big Sucker or the Screamin Eagle high volume intake, you will still need to at least do a stage 1 burn on the chip for the EFI. Most any Harley dealer can do the burn. It takes about 15 min to do and will run you around $100. I had it done on my 05 FXDWGI when I put Cycle Shack slip-ons and the Big Sucker intake. When I went to a full exhaust with Vance & Hines Big Radius pipes, I installed a Power Commander.
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    well you get a power commander for about $30 more than the TFI,which is about the same price as a Vance & Hines fuel pak. You dont need to dyno the bike to use a PCIII. There are some excellent maps on the Dyno-Jet website for free D/L. Literally 100's of maps for almost any pipe and intake combo you can think of. You can install your prefered map with either your PC or laptop. Takes a whole 5 minutes. Takes about another 15 to install the PCIII on the bike. If the map isn't exactly what you want, there are low, mid, and high end adjustment buttons on the PCIII. Mine was a little fat on the low end, so I leaned it out just a bit. The motor is a stock 88 incher,it launches more like a 95.

    just my 2 cents
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    One shop (non HD) I frequent says no dyno needed another tells me you can get by without a programmer (race tuner, power commander etc) and might not notice the difference but they recommend a tuner and dyno check.
    The one shop also is now a dealer for a new system that continuously monitors your bike and automatically makes adjustments; no dyno/special tuning needed regardless of what you do to your ride.

    If you want information about it contact Bob at he can help you out.
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    My home work is showing that If I do slip on's only, I will likely be fine, if I do in take and exhaust, a tuner of sorts is recommended. I'm wanting to do slip on's for now due to finances, I figure if I have an issue with decel pop or carb pop, time to go all the way. Maybe the best way to see for sure, is do a before and after sniff test.

    I've heard of the Terry Component system, called the Terminal Velocity, self adjusts and constantly monitors and makes changes. I've heard negitives on the hdforum but no no one with this unit, Does anyone here have knowledge on the V&H Fuel Pack or the Terry??
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    What we tell at work is-hi flow breather OR slip ons or even true duals-no fuel pak or tuner needed.

    If you do both, then you do need fuel management.