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    I'm a 36 year old who finally made the decision to buy my first bike. Literally never have been on one before. But I come from a Harley family and it's the only bike I would buy. The question is - which one do I get?

    I'm 6'1, 180lbs and like a "classic" looking bike. I am interested in just cruising around - but not really into a Touring bike. Style-wise I like:

    Sportster: 72
    Dyna: Wide Glide
    Softail: Heritage Softail Classic

    If I buy new, I could only go with a Sportster. Trying to stay within a budget so my wife doesn't kill me. What would be the best bike? I know a lot of people claim that a Sportster is a "starter" bike, but is that really true?
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    buy a dyna even if it's used u will be happy. u will out grow the sporty quick.
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    First off, take a riding course. Then try several different one's before buying one. My son thought he wanted a Heritage until he tried about 6 different ones, and ended up loving the Soft tail Duce, which wasn't even in his top 10. He's 6'2" and if fit him perfect. Some people are tall with short legs, some are short with long legs, you won't know what is comfortable to you until you try them out.
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    I agree, take a riding course and sit on a lot of bikes. :) I had a deuce for my first bike and loved it...except it was really hard to buy accessories for. :s I now have a road king. :) Love it too, and I can carry 3 seasons of clothes for the great midwest spring and fall weather. For those wonderful 45* mornings and 82* afternoons. :D

    Good luck & welcome!
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    Thumbs up on the riding course..a lot of states have affordable one
    s through education sites. Just Google it for your state. Mine supplied helmets and bikes and only cost twenty dollars.
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    As most have said the riding course is a must. Take several demo rides and see which model lights your fire.
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    Riders course of course, then demo ride, pick the right bike for your riding style:s
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    Don't give up on the touring bikes just yet. Take a look at the Road King (standard or classic). It has all the benefits of touring while still having the simplicity of non-touring. Good for tall riders and "beefy" looking so you don't look like a bear on a tricycle. Yes, I own one, so I am a bit biased... I was also on a budget, and bought a used one for around 10 grand.

    Oh, and as far as a Sportster being a "starter bike", that is a bunch of crap. It has plenty of motor and they look great. If that's the style you want, go for it. Don't let anyone tell you that you have to "graduate" to a better Harley.

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    Softails are easy to ride, BUT I like the 09 Road King bikes. You are tall and could use a Full Size Ride... NOT a sportster for sure... I own an 06 1200 Roadster Sportster besides my 09 King... Me at 5 11 most, sporty is a soon to be Too Small in Feel... Yes, for a short time you'll love a sporty BUT.........

    09 model year TCams have no catalytic exhaust to deal with unless Calif models...
    To me that is a Plus... :D

    Used 09 bikes are a Good Find at a very Reasonable price and Usually with LOW miles (10,000 or less) and Right Now during the winter months you can Usually get your Best deals, private sales or from Dealers...

    I'm not opposed to buying Private but IF you have limited Knowledge of Repair, I'd probably go to a HD Dealer for that first Used purchase...:s

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    You'd fit any of your choices,even the sporty with those mini apes and forward controls for your feet.A wide glide is the priciest dyna,I would think if you can afford a new "72" at a little over 11 grand, a street bob new at 13,800 may not be out of the question.For 150 bucks you can add fixed forward pegs to a streetbob.I would probably never buy another softail.I used to think touring bikes would be big clumsy rides,but they aren't.They have the best lean angle of any bikes they make,and turn on a dime.There are a lot of used bikes,around here,they crank the price up about 3-4 grand over what they paid,depending on what work they may have had to do.Good Luck.