New Tri Glide delivered

Discussion in 'Trikes' started by sgt_1230, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. sgt_1230

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    Last fall my wife got a 2012 black Tri-Glide and loves it. I put several hundred miles on it and decided I would like one too, so I ordered the blue/black combo for January delivery. I :Dwas in a car accident about 10 years ago and got 2 broken legs, 3 crushed vertebrae in back and lots of other bumps/bruises. I healed up pretty well, but still have problems with my right ankle. The Tri-Glide is so much easier to manuever around at slows speeds and park and it is really FUN to ride. After having had over 35 bikes over the years I decided 3 wheels was the way to go. The dealer where I bought my last 3 new HD's is outstanding! Anything you order with the bike is installed FREE, plus he knocks 10% off the parts and 20% off anything you buy (clothes etc...) that they don't install. I went with Andrews 48 cams, I was able to use my PC V from my 2010 UC Limited, Ness super sucker air cleaner, HD stereo up grade (160 watt amp & 4 good speakers), heated grips, accessory 12V in tour pack, trunk light, air wing w/led lights on travel pack, rear fender bras, locking compartments on fairing lowers which includes a cup holder kit, adjustable rider backrest, progressive monotube cartridge fork kit and HD windsplitter windshield. It cost a bunch, but I believe this is the last bike I will ever buy. It was 28 degrees last Tuesday when it was delivered, so I dressed very warmly and rode it up/down the country road I live on and put 1 mile on it(it now has 2 miles). I can't wait for some nice warm weather and a good rain to clean up the roads so I can really try it out. I gutted the catalytic converter and went with the stock HD mufflers and I think it sounds really nice. Come on nice weather!!!
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    Congrats on the new trike.....sounds nice...
  3. Harley38

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    Congrats! The new Tri sounds great, hope to see a picture of the pair sometime.

    I agree, come on better weather!
  4. Bodeen

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    Congratulations on the new ride. Be safe.
  5. Mongo1958

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    I said that 4 bikes ago:small3d023:
    BTW congrats!!
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    Same here, The last bike i buy will probably be , If i run out of money or be put in the box, Which ever comes first. :D
  7. dbmg

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    Congrats on the new steed. May you make many miles of smiles upon it....:s
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    Congrats - sounds like you are one happy trike owner!
  9. behavin

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    Congrats on your new Tri Glide. I wish I had your dealer in my area. I had them put on Vance and Hines header pipes, with a Dyno Jet tune kit and Reinhart mufflers and they charged me $200 over the quoted ballpark. Then when I questioned it, He gave me a deer in the headlight stare and said "it was in the ball park".
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    Congrats on the new trike, awesome.
    Ride safe and enjoy.
    Once you have a trike you never want to go back to two wheels.
    Post some photos when you can.