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New Rocker & Cross Bones, what do you think?


Just seen and sat on the new H-D Rocker & Cross Bones.
I think (personally) that the pictures are better.
The back end of the Rocker looks too far away, disjointed and the secondary seat is a waste of space and very ugly when fitted.
As for the Cross Bones, Nice looking bike but they have put a nasty plastic cheap well under the seat and pinched the bars off some kids push bike. I know the front end is a springer and looks thin but I like a fatter bar, I think it would have looked better with something like black street slammer bars, again only a personal opinion.

What do you think?
When I first saw the rocker, I thought I liked it. When I saw one in person, wow did I do the switcheroo! They say it has a low seat, I think my 1200N is lower. I have also heard that they are having problems with the rear fenders cracking.

Hey if you like it great, I don't now that I saw one. Look out in 09 when every dealer orders 25 of them to put on the floor and tell their sales guys to push them. You will see them everywhere. I managed to get an 07 nightster (didn't want an 08, I wanted a 1st year) and after I bought it, you would see 1 per dealer if you were lucky. Now they all have 1 or 2 per color! I remember pulling into a pretty big HD stealership and the sales manager running out and asking me where I found it. I told him where I did, he said that particular dealer was lying to him as he kept asking for one cause I guess he had a buyer that was willing to pay $5000 over sticker for one. I told him to give me his number! Anyway he proceeded to sniff me out if I wanted to trade my bike (I went there for a t-shirt and grips!) I told him, Yeah I'll trade you even up for an 07 Ultra-Classic Electra Glide, we both chuckled, business is business. I had had my bike a whole 10 days at that point... It was a classic moment if you ask me, you had to be there I guess.

I love the Cross bones. I guess I like the old school bobber look a lot. I agree with Blues that I would probably build something like that before I put out $20,000 for it. Heck you would only have about $10,000 in a rolling chassis kit and the same bike.

I stated earlier that liked the Cross bones, but for the money I think I'd just as soon have a Wide Glide if I were going to get another bike.
When I saw the crossbones at the dealership I at first glance didn't like it. But after a while it has kinda grown on me. The big turn offs for me is the springer front I can't imagine cleaning bug guts out of it, the other thing is my bike is paid for.:D
I got all up on the Crossbones, if a solo bike was in my future I'd probably give it a serious consideration. At 16,500 in Lexington ky, it aint too bad, rather have a chrome springer than black though.