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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by JKT1969, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Hi everyone...I've been away for a while, missed this place :a Anyway, got a question, picked up a new Road King Classic yesterday,,, loving it, has about 38 miles on it. My question is best way to go about breaking it in. I've read a ton of different theories on this so it is obviously, figured I would come back to the experts and see if there is a consensus on it.

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  2. Dr. Dolittle

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  3. DanDolfn

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    My dealer recommended very easy riding for the first 50 miles, and pushing a little more but taking it easy for the next 200. The key thing is varying the speed.

    I would take the manufacturer's recommendations over some website's recommendations, unless of course that website also wants to issue a warranty.
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    Quite often breaking in an engine like you were told will lead to burning oil because the rings don't seat properly but that's your choice.:D

    The dealers also recommend Syn 3 oil too... and in the transmission too. :D
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    Congrats on the new ride. Road Kings rock!
  6. TripleJ

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    For what its worth, I used the method Dr. Dolittle linked to when I picked up my new scoot from the dealer one week ago today. Reason being I have not been steered in the wrong direction as far as maintenance, repairs, etc when following the tried and true methods found here on the forum. Just turned over 500 miles today and have been trying to keep the RPM's under 4K until then but from here on out I plan on riding as I normally would.

    Furthermore I did change the oil & filter to Mobil 1 V-Twin Full Synthetic 20/50 at the 100 mile mark and I am glad I did. The oil and particles that came out were not something I would want running through my oil system for the recommended 1,000 miles as per the HD Service Manual.

    I won't mention how much better it shifts with the Spectro in the tranny :D
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    Great...thanks. I remember this procedure now. I actually "forgot" I was on a new bike and was just riding it as I normally would, which is nothing spectacular, no red lining or anything, it occured to me while out on 280 yesterday after I got up to about 65, that I should slow er down and stay under 55 and vary my speeds and gear selections. I'll do the 3rd gear break in today. I also read something about getting on it kind of hard (about 3/4 throttle) through 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears, then engine breaking back down to 2nd, and repeating all had to do with loading the engine so things seal properly.

    Thanks for the info...loving the RKC. I need to have my handlebars moved a little closer to me, and my Rhineharts put back on, probably will have that taken care of today too.

    Got a Breast Cancer Awarness ride tomorrow...looking forward to getting some miles on this thing.
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    i just kept it between 55-65 miles an hour and drove like i had good sense. dont stress yourself over it, its really not that big of a deal. Just avoid getting out there and hammering the fire out of it and you should be fine.
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    30-60-30 x10 in 3rd then dump oil for "non-HD" syrup. Best advice on the forum & your motor will thank you too...:D
  10. Jack Klarich

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    Boss, The Stealers are slowly going with formula + in the trannys because of all the problems:s