New neck bearings and races

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by david26, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. david26

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    Did my 30,000 mile service not to long ago and checked my fall away on my front end all seemed good but didnt pull and replace my bearings. Well I guess 33,000 was the magic number cause on the way home yesterday after noon I let go of the bars at about 50 mph and front end started shackin like it wanted me off. Got the bike home lifted her off the ground to see if I just needed to tightin them down a bit, that was not the case u could feel the bearings were trashed. Tore the front end off and pulled the bearings and sure enough u could see the print of the bearings in the races. Lucky for me my buddy had a set at his shop he could sell me and let me use is race driver and I was able to put new races and bearings in. Took my forks up to his shop with me and he changed out the oil in them while I had them off.
    So my next question is why dont the dynas have a grease fitting on the neck like the softtails do so u can grease them with out having to tearing them apart? Might make them last a little longer

    BOBFLHTC Active Member

    Installing a zerk fitting is on my to do list as my bike doesn't have one either. I jacked mine up the other day and it still seems good which is amazing after 26 years. Glad you found it before it caused any injury - Bob
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    I got it from a good source:s that the dyna frame is not closed at the neck like the others when they are manufactured sooooo if you install a zerk and pump in the grease, you will be filling the entire frame with grease and not just the neck.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    The Boss is right here, tho it would be great if we could do that to the Dyna line:s
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    David; If you haven't buttoned the neck up already, look inside of it and see if there are openings where the frame is welded in. I have always heard that the neck is open to the square backbone on Dyna's. I had my 1992 triple tree dropped down (not out all the way) last week for bearing service, and could NOT see any openings. Maybe 2 small ones where the down tubes joined, but not where the backbone joins. I couldn't see in there real well, and really wish I had been more thorough in my inspection.
  6. david26

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    I put it all back together last night so I could get to work this morning (Hate to spend even a day as a cager) guess i should have done some research first might have been able to come up with a way to fill the hole like a pack of bazooka joe.
  7. Fossil

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    I would question why in such low miles there was a bearing groove in the races. Some thing is wrong there. You sure you or some mechanic isn't tightening the neck bearings down too tight.

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    Bicycles have the same problem, but aftermarket came through...a performance bearing kit with a tight fitting plastic insert seals off the neck from the frame down tubes, so when it is filled with grease, it stays in place. :newsmile071:

    I would think there is such a kit for alternate would be to block off the other opening, use JB Weld to hold block off in place. Maybe fashion a tight fitting tube to seal off area, so when zerk is fitted grease will get to areas where needed only. :bigsmiley12:
  9. david26

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    prob. from a lack of me ever greasin them in 30,000 miles.
  10. Mad Dog Jim

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    I have hear on here that the wheel bearings are kind of the same way... They're fine,,, then they're not. On my service before our big trip this summer I am greasing the stem bearings and getting front and back wheel bearings just as insurance.