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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by softail41, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Hello all! I am a new member to the forum and this is my first post, however, I have spent a few days reading the forums and have came across a LOT of great information. So, first off, Thank You!

    I was deployed to Iraq in 03-04 and managed to save a little cash while there. I vowed that upon my return to the states I would purchase my first bike! I spent every opportunity afforded to me on the H-D website and determined, on my own, (no experience whatsoever) that I wanted a 1200C Sportster. In my mind, it was a smaller bike (I'm 5' 9" and 170lbs.), looked cool, and the price was better than the big twins. So, upon my redeployment, my wife and I went motorcycle shopping! We walked away with a 2005 1200 Custom Sporty with the S.E. slip on pipes and Stage II kit installed. I loved that bike! In two years time I managed to put nearly 8000 miles on it. I even rode from the panhandle of Florida, to central Kentucky in 12 hours...WITHOUT a windshield! Unfortunately, I had to sell the bike in 2008 due to getting out of the Army and taking a less paying job. I am back on my feet now and itching for a new bike! I really want a Heritage Classic. For the money, it seemds like the best equiped for my needs. My wife is looking forward to a few trips with me and with the sissy bar and bags as standard, and its classic looks, I think it is the right bike for me. My dad recently purchased a 2011 Street Glide and highly recommends it, or a touring model, over the softail soley for the comfort.

    So, there you have it, a little background info and a choice between a Heritage Classic and a Touring model. Any advice would be certainly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the forum Softail41. In our little group there are 3 who ride the Heritage Classic and love it, with a bag that mounts on the sissy bar they can pack all most as much as my Ultra. You should maybe test ride both, the Glides are a little better ride but it has to be your choose. Good luck with that and let us know eh!!:D
  3. Redfish-Joe

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    Thank you for your service.
    Like Larry said test ride a few. When you find the one that "speaks to you" you will know. If your wife will be riding with you have her do the test rides with you. But be careful. I wound up buying two Road Glides over the years by doing that!!:D
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    Welcome to the Forum and thank you for your service. Did you join the National Guard when you got out or were you NG (good walking around money). As you can see from my avatar I own a 2007 Heritage and love it. I ride it with and without windshield and bags, sissy bar, etc. Just for a different look. Good luck whatever you decide.
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    softail41; from a fellow military member (retired) - welcome and good question to ponder. I had similar m/c path back in 2005 - wanted to get HD for retirement gift & found/bought nice 05 XL1200C - loved that bike & hated to let go, but the FLHX/Street Glide was calling me. All it took was one test drive on a touring & I was hooked. The fairing, radio, cruise, feel & fit were exactly what I was looking for in a bike & I'm 5'11"/185lbs so similar frame as well. Now a Heritage is also nothing to shy away from & still well equipped for longer rides so definitely think on how you plan to use the bike (long/short trips, daily/weekly/monthly driving, gear hauling, etc) & test ride bot to get a good feel on which works for your need(s). Good luck & keep us posted.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I started out on doodle-bugs and worked my way thru many different bikes. Having access to my Dads 51 panhead, NOT wanting a BIG Bike, I stayed with smaller bikes for many years.

    One day the HD Bug BIT... Had to have a Harley.

    Bought my First Harley in 1995, an 883 Black peanut tank BEAUTY. Made it into a 1200 HOT bike a year or so later. then a couple of FXDS new (97 then 2000 along with a 2006 R sport I still have)..

    Now saying all that, I felt I Needed to GROW into the Harley Bikes...

    The 2000 Dyna kept me busy and Happy for about 117,000 miles and lots of different builds with long two-up trips...

    Then the BIG Bug BIT for the first time.. I am now on a 09 FLHR and loving it..
    I would Not have changed From the smaller bikes into The BIG Bike right off....

    I think your Softail IDEA is a great leap for you right now... You have time to get into the BIGger bikes from there, when You are ready.
    Growing into them is and was MY way.

    Thanks for your service...

  7. Cyclops

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    For what it's worth, I previously rode a Fatboy, and loved it. I found myself going on longer rides and overnights with my wife. I stepped up to a touring bike in 2009 and have no regrets at all. It really comes down to how you plan to do most of your riding, riding one up or with your wife, types of rides/roads/etc. I'd be willing to say that if you get a touring bike you'll find your wife will be riding with you a whole lot more, and a whole lot more comfortable. Best of luck in making your decision. Just being in a position to have to make such a decision is an accomplishment from my perspective.

    Go Army! Veterans!!!
  8. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to the Forum, Thank You for your service. The best advice is test rides, they are free. If on the other hand you could rent them both and put some serious miles on to really get the feel on a long run JMO:rider:wce
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    First let me say "Thank you" and welcome.
    Take some test rides on both lines Softail and Touring. You need to know what the bike will be used for. I've always believed the softails to be a bit more nimble in the city and the touring bikes to be better on the highway. Daily rider? weekend rider? Things to consider........
    Good luck on your quest.
    Again, thank you for your service.
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    Wow! I did not expect such a big response! Thank you. I did attend the Demo Ride day at my local dealership a few weeks ago. I rode the RK, SG, HC, and a Deluxe. Honestly, I felt the Heritage "fit" me the best. The Deluxe was nice, too, and I like the retro look, but again it lacks the accessories that come standard on the HC. The SG seemed a little tall but, though I am not a fan of how the batwing looks asthetically, it was nice to be behind it. I suppose I've answered my own question here, but my concern was that if I bought a softail, I may regret that decision a couple years down the road. Thanks again for all of your suggestions and please feel free to keep them coming!

    Rubyred - I was Regular Army Aviation from 1998 -2007. I thought about the NG when I got out, but there are no NG units carring my MOS in my area. And, of course, Guard time means LESS riding time!!!!

    Thank you all again for your kind words and great suggestions.