New forum name?

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    When RichardS left this forum and started his own he not only took the name he found that the had not been legally taken by Karen's father. RichardS secured the name and it has been a bone of contention since. I won't drag up all the players in the drama but it did get rather stupid for awhile. With the new owners I'm sure rather than deal with RichardS they found it easier to secure a new domain name. They may entertain a new name or a name the forum contest, that will be something our Moderator Team may get to discuss with them. For now I'm just glad all you great HD riders are still out there.
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  2. joel

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    Thanks Joyflyin & HDDon for taking us down memory lane, and allowing us in the loop of the forum name change.
    I will add it is a great place to visit and participate.
    As time goes on certainly a new site name will be selected. Until then keep up the great work.
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    There was a legal fund set up back then and many members contributed. Wonder what happened to the money?
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    All the money I sent was put into my contributor account.
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    Whomever RichardS is it looks like he no longer has the Trademark for HDTALKING. See the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) screen capture attached.

    Sorry picture won’t upload. Just search the USPTO for HDTALKING and you can see a surrendered trademark.
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