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    I need some feedback please, I just got rid of my old bike (metric) and bought an 06 FLX. It's got 11,000 miles on it. It probably did not have the 10K service done on it looking at the oil. I reviewed the 10K service checklist and see that alot of the items are very minor. Lube all hinges, lube and check the Jiffy stand, Inspect the brake pads etc. I am very mechanical and while I never have worked on a Harley, other than the fluid changes, primary, transmission and engine oil is there anything I really need to be concerned with. I see the primary chain needs to be checked along with the clutch. I ask because my local dealer where I bought the bike wants $599.95 to perform the service. maybe I am missing something.... forgive me as I am a newbe....Is this is just another way the local dealer to make a fistfull of money. I don't mean to offend anyone here,it just seems excessive to me. Thanks for the the way there is no warranty or extended warranty on the bike to be concerned about.....
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    There's not much more to the service than the fluids, essential adjustments (clutch, primary etc) and go over the critical fasteners listed in the manual to be sure the proper torque is on them and they aren't loose.I doubt they use a torque wrench at the dealers but when you have done enough of them, you get a feel for the fasteners.



    Also the HD home page under wrenching will give you a print out of the services when you enter the mileage and VIN.
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    $600 seems excessive to me. I just finished my 10K service on my 2008 FLHX and it sounds like you're a LOT more mechanically capable than me. Get yourself the HD service manual if you don't already have it and do the service yourself.

    As you pointed out, a lot of the items are pretty simple and don't take much time. I'd say the main things that take time but are very important are the fluid changes and the clutch adjustment.

    As I recall there are only a couple things that show up for the first time at 10K miles and I think lubricating the steering head bearings is one of them. Mine took almost an entire tube of grease which surprised me. I've since read about others having the same experience so keep pumping that grease gun until you get some overflow.
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    Spend $45 on an HD service manual (discounts avail. on line), and do it yourself. Buy chrome and other goodies with the remaining $500 (remaining after good syn. O&F).
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    First, get the HD Factory Service Manual covering the '06 Street Glide. With that and some help here, you can tackle anything you are up for! Welcome aboard. For some other perspective, see here:

    World's Longest 10K Service! - Harley Davidson Community

    Now, I think anyone that has the inclination should do their own work. That way you know what was done, and who to blame! So since this is a new bike to you, I would do the following:
    • All the fluids: engine oil, transmission gear lube, primary fluid
    • Replace the spark plugs
    • Flush brake fluid and bleed
    • Check the brake pads
    • Inspect the tire water grooves all the way around on both tires
    • Grease the neck bearings if you have a zerk
    • Adjust the clutch
    • Finally, pop the nose cone off and check the cam chain tensioner shoes
    On the oil and lubes, see here:

    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community


    Spark Plug X Reference Chart - Harley Davidson Community


    Brakes, Tires and Wheels - Harley Davidson Community

    As for the cam chain tensioners, the 2006 was the last year for the spring loaded tensioners (except on the Dynas). These can be a problem. I upgraded my '03 UC to the roller chain conversion which uses hydraulic tensioners that do not have the history of failure that the spring loaded tensioners do. Check out this post to the point of pulling off the nose cone and looking. If all is not well in the camp, look at the rest of the story for up-grading to the roller chain. You also have another option which would be gear drive for the cams.

    TQ's Engine Build - Harley Davidson Community

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    Welcome ReefRider!!

    Boy you have come to right place!! Definately the place to start is with an Owner's Manual.

    Harley Owners Manuals - Harley Davidson Community

    Not only will it tell you the suggested maintenance and at which intervals, it will be very helpful in getting everything completed!!

    Anything the Manual does not seem clear about -- just give a good look around the different threads here (check it out anyway - a virtual gold mine of information is what you have signed up for)!!! If you can't find the answer then post the question and wait for the answers to flood in!! :bigsmiley12:

    Good luck - and I hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do.

    CatWoman :rider
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    Thanks just reinforced what I thought...get a manual and do the work myself....thanks for the suggestions and links
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    My dealer wants $800 for the 20K + brake pads service on my 2007 Softail Heritage Classic. I spent $59 for the Harley manual and $170 on the stuff I needed to do it myself (SYN3 - 5 qts., spark plugs, brake pads, grease, brake fluid, o-rings for each drain plug). The manual is great and all went well... saved $571 plus the satisfaction of knowing it was all done right.
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    Get rid of the Syn 3!

    Here's a few things to read...

    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community

    Oil Groups Explained - Harley Davidson Community

    Syn 3 In The Transmission - Harley Davidson Community
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    alot of great info thanks everyone