New 09 Ultra

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What should be the first upgrade item for the new ride?

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  1. Engine Stage 1 Kit

    39 vote(s)
  2. Chrome foot board covers

    9 vote(s)
  1. 09UltraClassic

    09UltraClassic Member

    I got started on an 01 Sporty, then a 01 Buell, now after a small boating spurt I've dove into a 09 Ultra. I have been doing some reading and have had a few other Ultra owners showing me the ropes on this new technological marvel (compared to 01 at least). What are some new and improved or cautionary items I should know about going into the 2010 riding season?!

    I am excited to be a member of the HD Touring community and look forward to pounding some pavement and burning gas! Ride Free!
  2. ultrat

    ultrat Senior Member Contributor

    welcome from south bend in. 1 thing start of rideing season cagers not seeing bikes u are invisable be mindfull of that. keep eyes wide open..enjoy,,,,,,
  3. Chopper

    Chopper Senior Member

    Welcome, the chrome might be nice, but the stage 1 will make your engine smile, and nothing better then a Happy bike:bigsmiley11:
    Don't know if you're in the north country, but if you are watch for the left over gravel on the curves of the hwy.
  4. Bud White

    Bud White Well-Known Member Retired Moderators

    i vote for the stage 1 why not
  5. Trek

    Trek Junior Member

    Although I have already added a riders backrest, Kuryakyn passenger footpegs, and highway pegs soon, I voted stage 1. I'm going to do that hopefully within the next month or so. I'm going with the V&H monster ovals. From the few I've heard they have that deep throaty rumble I'm looking for so I can still hear my tunes. JMHO.
  6. 09UltraClassic

    09UltraClassic Member

    Thanks I am in north country and gettin real anxious for this snow to go away. Then we need a good couple rain falls to wash all the salt/sand out of here.

    I agree with the music concept... I love the rumble, wind, and good tunes.

    The dealer was trying to explain a high idle setting that could inadvertently get set by rolling the throttle forward when moving in. I read all that owners book, and don't see anything about it. Anyone have any idea what that was all about?

    I've got the engine temp control (rear cylinder shutdown) figured out, but don't know the fast idle deal he was trying to tell me about.

    Thanks for all the input, After sitting out in the garage (heater crankin), I realized the first thing to do is to get covers for the disaster of a rear foot board they have on there... all the sweet looking things these bikes come with, and they leave the flip up foot boards looking like that... At least it's a cheap fix.

    Ride Safe
  7. pops55

    pops55 Active Member

    Go for the stage 1
  8. sharpscuba

    sharpscuba Banned

    I agree the stage one. But no matter what you do Congrads on the new scoot and enjoy many miles.
  9. 09UltraClassic

    09UltraClassic Member

    I was also playing around with the radio tonight, and was trying to figure everything out. I think I've got most of it, but I wasn't able to get a reply on a CB check. Any suggestions for any other mic other than the one it comes with. I don't think I want a wire running from the bike to my head.
  10. walleye

    walleye Junior Member Contributor

    Be sure it has the recalled front tire relacement done. Should not have the Dunlop 407 on it. I know this is not the question, but just checkin. I vote stage One and not only see an inceased performance, but a cooler engine. :s