Need reassurance on H-D reliability

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Jim B., Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Jim B.

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    I took up riding about 4 years ago at age 55. I bought my first Harley, an 09 Road Glide, about 6 months ago. I know that forums such as this one are magnets (in a good sense) for people seeking solutions for problems, but I'm becoming concerned about all the comments about Harleys regarding flaking paint, leaking this and that, failing parts, etc. I'm thinking about riding from Calif. to Sturgis this year on my Harley and need some reassurance about H-D's reliability. I've never had any problems with my Goldwing, but I'd rather ride to a rally like Sturgis on the Harley. Yes, I need some hand holding. Thanks.
  2. Bud White

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    Get on your bad motor scooter and ride .. I worried some and reading here and other didnt help but now i dont worry ..except flats and well thats anything

    granted i dont have the miles like other but no problems so far
  3. marty

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    get onit and ride!!everything has a chance to breakdown!! it is a machine and i am sure there are plenty of harley shops between where you are and sturgis ride safe!!
  4. Skratch

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    Next week I'm going on a 3500+ mile bike ride over 11 days. I have little to no concerns about mechanical failure. My fear is a tire blowout.

    If I was worried about riding/breaking down, I may as well not ride. Worrying about a breakdown is a great way to put a big damper on an otherwise fun ride!!
  5. martin14

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    just did a 3 day 1000 mile trip with mine, a 2001.

    She ran like a dream, and nothing fell off !!! :)

    The bikes are good, much better than the 70's....
  6. BigLar

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    I'm ridding my '91 HD to Alaska from Ont. Canada this summer. Plan on 10,000 miles or more in 2 months. I do carry a good set of tools but a mechanic I'm not. I've rode many makes of bikes and I find the harley the easiest to work on. My tip is to spend more time watching out for cagers, then worring about a breakdown. Enjoy your trip.
  7. The4opps1

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    I have a '99 Ultra with 72,000 miles. Aside from a roller chain conversion a few thousand ago, it's just been routine maintenance. Stuff happens, even to Goldwings. Before the ride, check the bike out, have some tools handy, and just enjoy the ride.
  8. Redman

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    I picked up my 09 FLHX last fall and have been riding the heck out of it with no worries...I owned Hondas, Nortons, BSA, Yamaha, Suzuki and then some and over the last 30 years I have had ups and downs with all. I asked a similiar question to yours recently of a moderator here and I have to agree with him that alot of these things take on a life of their own. Just ride it and enjoy....if something comes up the good people here will point you in the right direction and all will be the meantime dont ride with that fear in your stomach of a breakdown....just kick back and take pride in your Harley Davidson. Keep in touch with this forum and you will have a great team to help you. I have always been involved in forums for my particular brand of bike and too many times fears are unfounded. Ride Safe.:bigsmiley14:
  9. Buzzy

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    Mine has been solid, no problems except a cruise control switch fault which set off the trouble light but still worked fine. HD replaced it in less than an hour. 10k miles in the last year on a 2008 FLHT with only normal maintence. No leaks and nothing has fallen off.
  10. STEVE07

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    25,000 miles,not babied and no mechanical issues:D