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My first Harley.


So I thought I knew what I wanted but changed my mind. See I'm tall, 6'3 and I want a good ride. I thought I wanted a Night Rod but the videos I've seen didn't look like that great of a ride. Before you say go sit on one then please understand that I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, but 20 days left YAY. Another thing I'm not sure about, what are some bikes, as a guy, to stay away from completely? I'm not bashing or anything but I am from Florida so Daytona would be something I would like to go to and I don't want to see only women riding the style of bike I have. No hate though. Right now I'm thinking of a Dyna model. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Finished 18 months in Afghanistan in Dec. Great place to be FROM. Currently in Iraq. As to a bike any "Big twin" can be set up for your height so it's more a question of what type of bike are you looking for? touring, classic cruiser, soft tail and so forth. I'm 6' 2" and have no probs with any of them. They have seats that move you back a couple inches and extended controls that move your feet forward. So regardless of your stature you can set it up to be comfortable.

Grats on comming home
Yea but I'm picky, I don't want to look like a giant on a bike. Like I couldn't see myself riding a sportster, they seem small. Plus by ride I mean, I want it to feel like all I have to do is hold my hands on the grips. I was hoping for some specifics on your post. But thanks anyway, anyone else???
First of all - thank you so much for your service to our country!

Now, as far as bikes to totally stay away from, the lime green Vespa comes to mind right away. Seriously, any Harley big twin will be great for you - as others have said, there are all sorts of ways to customize the fit.

I have to agree with your comments about the Sportster. I'm six foot tall, 230 pounds and rode a Sporty for a year. It's a great bike for what it was designed to do but if I rode it continuously for more than about an hour, I really started to feel cramped on it.

The absolute main thing you've got to do is decide what kind of riding you'll mainly be doing. Short hops between the bars and coffee shops - any Dyna or Softail will work. As soon as you start doing a lot of two up riding or touring - you should seriously consider a touring model. Do lots of searches on the forums to learn about the bikes you're considering and then either rent them back to back to compare or find a dealer doing a Harley Demo Days and do the same thing.

Bottom line is to relax and enjoy the search - it's really half the fun and you simply can't go wrong joining the Harley family!

Hurry home! Hope this helped a bit.
Thanks for your responses. To answer one of Doolittles questions, I plan on just a bike for recreation, no long trips. I have never ridden so I have already told my fiance that I wasn't going to try riding two up until I am completely comfortable with the bike and myself. I have been looking at used bikes. I like the new ones fine but something about an older bike that I just like better. I checked on a few forums and so far found I a 1992 dyna lowrider and a 2001 superglide, which i was in love with but just found out that the seller is waiting for final transaction :( anyone have opinions on these bikes and are the good for first timers. thanks
Fatboy,, no not calling you a chub, Harley Fatboy. Owned several and keep going back, presently ride one.,by the way just tossed on the Mustang touring seat,, wow, my big ol badunkadunk thought I left it at home in the easy chair,,goddess Debbie loves this seat. Back to the feature show, check out the fatty, this could be for you, and thanks for your service, I'm a free man because of our troups now and past.
Yes but something about tall/slinder people, to me they don't look right on a Fat Boy. Plus I wasn't wanting to spend ALOT on my first bike and from looking around, Fat Boys hold their own through the years if you know what I mean. One thing I am wondering though. I keep seeing these custom handle bars/hangers. These are usually a perfect fit for whoever rides the bike? Or can anyone jump on the bike and feel comfortable with them, remember that I am 6'3. Thanks
Now we're narrowing things down.

Personally, knowing your criteria now, I'd also go with the Softail Fatboy. Lots of used ones - check HDTrader and Ebay.
Since you stated you want to just cruise around locally and want to feel the power a Dyna or Softtail would probably fit the bill. As to your question on bars there are no solid answers as they are a personal thing. And all bars don't fit everyone. That's the thing about bikes. You buy the one that most closly fits your needs and styling preferences then make it your own by changing what you don't like or doesn't fit. They aren't like a car where one size fits most everyone. To someone who's never ridden they may all look the same but in reality they are all individual by their riders preferences.
sorry to not clarify, but I asked about the bars because I was looking at 93 softail custom and it had hangers on it. but i think you did answer my assumptions. which was if i bought a used bike that had hangers on it, i shouldn't expect a perfect fit from the bars. but thanks. oh and to doolittle, i am currently on hd-trader, even made my own account. but when i try to send the seller and email it just locks up to a white screen when i try to submit it. which my be the horrible DoD connection we have over here. just bums me out because there are alot of nice bikes there.