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I have been told that Mustang seats are very comfortabel, but they are kind of wide in the front part of the seat, making it harder to plant your feet. How about it, any of you have one..?
Don't know about the sportsters, but I just put a Mustang seat on my 2008 Ultra Classic and it is actually a little lower than stock. Oh and in regards to comfort, it is the difference between 50 miles and now 200 miles. ( till butt starts to hurt) I love it and it was the best $400 I ever spent. Hope this helps.
I like Corbins. Had trouble with mustang seats and quality control. Returned 2 of them for the corbins.
i'm strange i like the stock seats for comfort and style, on both my 883C and the heritage

I have a Mustang seat on my 87 FXRC and still have a stock seat on the 07 U.C. ---- I like the stock seat myself!!!??? :bigsmiley17:
I have a mustang seat on my 06 1200 did not effect my feet touching the ground however it did move me back an inch or so from the controls......I'm going to put different bars on to make up for that's worth it to me cause I really like the seat.....I have a big Butt and the seat is perfect for me......
I dont know about the mustang seats. But I just got a Le Pera for my bike. (I found a deal on craigslist).

I'm very happy with it. It's actually much narrower than the stock seat.

And, like the other guys have said, the new seat moved me down and back by at least an inch.

So, it's something you might want to consider as an option.
after I started this thread I got a standard wide vintage Mustang seat, great seat. Then after 5000 miles on it I fond I needed a backrest so I got a wide solo with drivers backrest. Big deference, now it's hard to plant my feet because it's so wide and about 5/8" higher,but I'm going to try to get use to it. Now I'm haveing Quality control problems like 'glider' said. I'm on my 3rd new seat in a row, and now I got to send this last one back so Mustang can try to fix it.
When all is done I will post about the Mustang Quality I want to give them lots of time to make things right befor I post...
23,000 miles on my stock seat and no intention of changing.However a buddies flattened out just about immediatly.
Just Got One, Mustang Tripper Solo Seat. So Far So Good, it is Kindda Wide in the front and feels a little uncomfortable but once I put My legs up on the pegs it feels great im sure ill get used to it or maybe it will get broken-in in a couple of months here are somke pics on my 2005 XL883C


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Put a Mustang seat on a metric bike that I had once. With the stock seat, I could do maybe 75 miles before having to stop and streach. The Mustang more than doubled the miles I could go without discomfort. Didn't notice much difference in the dimensions. They can be a bit pricey. Ebay has some good deals on used seats....