Mt. Lemmon black ice

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  1. Mavagrand

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    Found this video on another forum. It is NOT me nor my bike. I do hope some find it informative. Riding in Florida, black ice is not an issue so I can relate with the guy. Reading some of the posts, it appears the Vision was totalled..kinda weird cause the guy says he rode it off the mountain after the crash.

    My Crash on Mt Lemmon or be alert on ice.wmv - YouTube
  2. Gas Gauge

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    the video frame shown prior to viewing is sickening, seeing any bike on it's side on the road is just not good, even a Victory (tongue in cheek).

    Just a couple of observations, in the interest of learning...we always read here that you should gear up for the conditions, and always wear a minimum. This guy had finger-less gloves, loafers, and slacks. I guess he got off lucky, still poor fellow.

    Scraping some of that bizarre Arlen Ness plastic off would have improved the looks of that bike.
  3. dbmg

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    I have varying degrees of opinions which I will keep to myself, but the fact he was wearing slip on shoes, fingerless gloves kinda tells it all for me.....
    As to bike being totaled it does not take a whole lot for that to happen for you can ring up 40% value of bike which is usually the threshold for totaling when a bike gets crashed.......
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  4. HD4ME!

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    I am thinking the same thing, fingerless gloves and loafers? :nosad
    Why anyone would ride dressed like that when there is ice and snow on the road is beyond me. Thats just plain silly and asking for it. He is one lucky fella.
  5. Mavagrand

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    It is an ugly bike but I like the color.
  6. mat 60

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    I cant understand why he would even be riding in these temps of coarse you will find some ice ......Hellow.....No point in even talking about his atire...Sorry but what was he thinking..:newsmile058: .Just my 2 cents...Oh Glad he was ok
  7. jwd98056

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    Mt. Lemmon is about 40 miles from Tucson, AZ. It can be 80+ degrees in Tucson then 40 miles and 7500 feet of additional elevation later you can run into ice and snow. The temperature may not be that bad in the sunshine and the Vision has pretty good wind protection. The shaded runoff area is where this rider ran into trouble.

    Poor choices of gear is one factor, ignorance of the conditions along the route is another. You can see lots of bare skin and non-protective footwear on riders in the Tucson area. Then this is true in most hot country locations.
  8. Breeze3at

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    What I got from the video, is how very fast your ride can change. Riding, riding, riding, crashing, crashed. :(
    Not my style of riding attire, but not shorts and flip flops either.
  9. The Tank

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    I agree, nice color for a bike. :s
  10. shooter1962

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    poor sod!!
    but he was kind of asking for trouble riding the moutains in those conditions (SNOW AND ICE ALL AROUND) at least he is ok and has more than just his memories to look back on!!
    the silly fool